SBS Peel & Stick Roof Underlayment

Self-Adhesive Underlayment for Virtually Any Application

Atlas SBS Peel and Stick roof underlayment is a self-adhesive underlayment that has a modified self-adhesive membrane. Each of the WeatherMaster® products in this line of Peel and Stick roofing underlayment provides a secondary layer of waterproofing protection that helps prevent damage caused by ice dams and windblown rain. Atlas Roofing developed this line of Peel and Stick underlayment to create a watertight barrier that provides continuous protection, year after year.

Atlas WeatherMaster® self-adhesive underlayment with SBS technology helps protect the entire deck of a properly ventilated roof, as well as those problem areas where water tends to collect or drainage can be slow. This Peel and Stick underlayment is designed to go under several types of roofing material including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and tile. Peel and Stick underlayment offers this maximum protection yet allows for the roof to have any chosen architectural look.

SBS Peel and Stick underlayment has been specifically designed to withstand all of the rigors that affect a roof system. The self-adhesive underlayment, called WeatherMaster® has a strong, slip-resistant surface that provides a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV degradation, weather, and moisture.

The unique self-adhesive layer of this Peel and Stick underlayment is covered with a high temperature split release sheet, which is removed during installation. This feature offers the application benefits of cold temperature adhesion and exceptional thermal stability under high heat.

Another great benefit of installing peel and stick underlayment, is that no special adhesive, heat, or extra equipment is necessary when properly installed. Continuing with the ease of installation of peel and stick roofing, this self-adhesive underlayment perfectly handles eaves, rakes, and valleys to help cover all of the roof’s most intricate locations. It’s everything you need to protect your roof, and you can place it everywhere that danger lurks.

So when deciding on the maximum level of protection, that can be paired with any roofing material, there’s no better option than Atlas SBS WeatherMaster® Peel & Stick Underlayment. With year-round coverage, it’s the only way to achieve true peace of mind, no matter what season.

An Atlas Roofing representative can fully detail each line of self-adhesive underlayment available for all roof types. WeatherMaster® PolySeal™ SE for a thermal stable protector that can range as high as 260° F. Ultra durable WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE provides a long exposure rating of 180 days. WeatherMaster® Film SE self seals around nails.

Reach out to your Atlas representative today to find out how you can unroll the protection of Atlas SBS Peel and Stick Underlayment on your roof. Whatever your peel and stick underlayment needs are, Atlas Roofing has you covered.

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