#30 Specification Felt Roof Underlayment

#30 Specification Felt – ASTM D4869, Type IV, ASTM D226, Type II
Atlas® provides a complete selection of roofing felts (or roofing paper). Felt roofing underlayment is asphalt saturated and are manufactured with a high-grade organic mat. #30 Specification Felt roofing underlayment is a specification grade felt for use as an underlayment between the roof deck and the shingles. Adding a layer of roofing paper helps protect the roof from water and moisture — pre and post installation of your three tab, shake or slate shingles.

For additional details on how #30 Specification Felt can help protect your roof, contact your Atlas regional roofing underlayment sales representative.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Organic Mat
  • High Asphalt Saturation
  • Heavier Roll Weight
  • Tightly Wound Rolls – Less Telescoping
  • Consistent Roll Lengths
  • Excellent Standard Packaging
  • Highly Visible Alignment Lines
  • High Tear Strength
  • Easier Roll-Out – Less Sticking
  • Flatter Installation Lay-Down With Less Curling
  • Five Plants To Serve You Nationwide

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