Case Studies 

Please click the above links to read about Atlas® product success stories. If you have a unique opportunity that you think Atlas would be interested in developing a Case Study for, please contact our Marketing Department.

Case Studies

Atlas Shingles Leave Fleming Island, Florida Home Clean, Dry and “Pristine”

Tom Heldenbrand hadn’t lived in his home long, at least in roofing years. His home contained the original roof from when it was built 14 years prior. But he’d never overcome a persistent problem with leaks. More than once, contractors visited and attempted repair, with no lasting results. Tom’s roof was also covered with algae streaks and algae stains. So Tom decided to start from scratch and install a completely new roof. The owner of this home chose a complete Atlas Roofing...

Crowning Achievement: An environmentally sound roofing system tops an environmentally

Remember the old saying, "actions speak louder than words"?  When it comes to environmentally friendly building design and construction, the Midwest Center for Green Technology makes a statement strong enough to be heard around the world. Developed by the city of Chicago as part of its seven-year-old brownfield redevelopment effort, the Midwest Center is a model of sustainable renovation. The 28,000 square foot center occupies a former manufacturing building that was once...

Steelcase North America uses ACUltra Technology to cover 650,000 square feet of roof space.

Most building owners would agree: when it comes to the design and engineering of a building envelope, the roofing system is a critical component. For Steelcase North America, a manufacturer of office/space systems, the roof on their new manufacturing plant in Dutton, Michigan, is a VERY big component. Covering 650,000 square feet of roof space, the Steelcase plant was a design/build project that specified a roofing system that could allow some heat to escape in order for the bu...

Atlas Insulation Protects Declaration of Independence

An original copy of The Declaration of Independence, rare books and maps illuminating history are preserved in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia’s American History Institute and Special Collections Library. This state-of-the-art, $26 million building includes 300,000 rare books, 12 million manuscripts, 4,000 maps and thousands of photographs. Some 60,000 square feet were built underground to preserve the Special Collections Library. The above-ground 11,000 s...

A Steep Slope Roof System Solution For East Park Villa

East Park Villa in Aurora, Neb. provides assisted and independent living services and accommodations in a senior community setting. Way more than just a roof over the residents' heads, the facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities or for seniors living independently, but may receive additional services like transportation, pools, a convenience store, bank, barber/beauty shop, resident laundry, housekeeping, and security. When...

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