Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy

As a leader in the building products industry, Atlas Roofing Corporation is committed not only to compliance with the law relating to the environment, but also to the integration of sound environmental practices in its business decisions. The following environmental principles provide guidance to Atlas Roofing Corporation personnel in the conduct of their daily business practices: 

1. Comply with government environmental laws and regulations;

Atlas recognizes governmental laws and regulations as a first necessary step toward environmental responsibility.

2. Promote environmentally conscious practices;

Atlas values leadership by example inside and outside the company, including industry organizations.

3. Produce quality products designed for sustainability;

Atlas understands that durability and product life span are keys to sustainable building practice.

4. Strategically operate manufacturing facilities to reduce environmental impact of product distribution;

Atlas understands that the total environmental impact of its products includes transportation and fossil fuel consumption.

5. Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees;

Atlas is committed to promoting and maintaining safety equipment and training programs for its employees.

6. Minimize the impact on the environment from manufacturing processes by:

Conserving energy and raw materials used.

Incorporating recycled materials whenever practicable and consistent with required levels of quality.

Minimizing the release of waste materials.

Researching the impact new facilities, equipment changes, or new product development might have on the environment.

7. Promote environmental awareness

Atlas is committed to making its customers fully aware of the environmental benefits of Atlas products.

8. Continually review environmental practices and policy.

In this age of rapid technological change, Atlas understands the need to remain current in environmental issues and in seeking to produce environmentally friendly product.

Atlas Roofing Corporation is continuing to grow on a global basis as the company continues its mission of providing quality building products through environmentally responsible manufacturing.