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Polyiso Wall Insulation

Polyiso Wall Insulation

The best way to insulate your home or commercial building is a continuous layer of uninterrupted, high-performance thermal protection. That’s why continuous insulation is the key to energy-efficient, sustainable buildings. Continuous insulation is prescriptively required by building codes including IBC and IRC, based on new rules in today’s energy codes and standards.

Atlas continuous insulation, or insulating sheathing, is the most cost effective and energy efficient exterior wall insulation available in the marketplace. R-values for our continuous insulation range from 3.3 to 22.0, depending on thickness and facers. When properly installed, Atlas polyiso wall insulation with continuous insulation will yield immediate energy savings in both commercial and residential applications.

Atlas crafts our polyiso wall insulation line with the search for energy savings solutions in mind. Our continuous insulation products were the first to feature blowing agent technology with both zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP). Also, Atlas polysio wall insulation uses continuous insulation to provide high insulating R-values with the same sealing qualities as old-fashioned wood sheathing products. The added R-values from continuous insulation will save you energy costs throughout the life of your investment.

Continuous Insulation

Continuous insulation is insulation that runs continuously over structural members, and is free from significant thermal bridging. The current International Residential Code calls for continuous insulation in certain climate zones. The next IRC will require the installation of a layer of continuous insulation over the entire edition wall exterior of many one and two family dwellings. This layer of continuous insulation will provide a “thermal break” and added R-value to the structure, making new buildings much more airtight and energy efficient. Atlas can help you meet these needs with our versatile line of wall insulation and continuous insulation products:

Atlas recommends installing thicker wall insulation than code requirements dictate, and promotes Beyond the Code initiatives that work to create more energy efficient buildings today for a greener tomorrow. Few opportunities exist to increase wall insulation over the life of the home.

Download the Atlas Manufacturer's Certification Statement and informational flyer for details about taking advantage of the "Eligible Building Envelope Components" tax credit found in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Don't miss out on this opportunity to insulate your home/building and your pocket!

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Polyiso Wall Insulation