Atlas Nail Base Fastener

Atlas Nail Base Fasteners are specially engineered for attaching Atlas ACFoam® CrossVent® and ACFoam® Nail Base Roof Insulation to an approved substrate.  Featuring a large, pancake style head with a 6-lobe drive, Atlas Nail Base Fasteners drive quickly and smoothly, and secure panels without the need of a washer.  Atlas Nail Base Fasteners are available in three styles for use in wood, corrugated steel and steel members without pre-drilling.

  • Choice of 3 Thread/Pont Styles for Job-Matched Performance
  • Atlas Nail Base Fastener: Standard Nailable Insulation Fastener with #2 Light Duty Drill Point.  Engineered for corrugated steel deck and wood applications.
  • Atlas Nail Base Fastener HD: Heavy Duty Nailable Insulation Fastener with #4 Heavy Duty Drill Point.  Engineered for thick steel member applications.
  • Atlas Nail Base Fastener TP: Thread Point Nailable Insulation Fastener with Gimlet Thread Point.  Engineered for wood and timber applications.
  • Required for proper mechanical attachment of all Atlas ACFoam® Nailable Roof Insulation Systems.
  • Case hardened and tempered for easy installation and long term durability.
  • Large diameter, low profile pancake head provides excellent pull-through resistance without the need for a washer while eliminating "telegraphing" on shingles, metal panels and other roof surface materials.
  • 6-Lobe internal drive offers excellent bit engagement during installation, especially in high torque applications.
  • Widest selection of fastener lengths in the industry for proper sizing to panel thickness.

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