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ACFoam™-II Product Shot

ACFoam®-II Polyiso Roof Insulation

  • A closed-cell, polyiso foam core is integrally laminated to heavy, black (non-asphaltic), fiber-reinforced organic felt facers.
  • A variety of thicknesses provides long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) values from 5.6 to 23.6.
  • Available in 4' x 4' (1220mm x 1220mm) and 4' x 8' (1220mm x 2440mm) panels.
  • Typically specified for hot asphalt or coal tar BUR, modified bitumen and single-ply membrane systems.
  • Offers CFC-, HCFC-, and HFC-free foam blowing technology with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero (negligible) global warming potential (GWP).
  • Recycled Content is between 16% and 43% by weight, depending on thickness (57% post-consumer, 43% pre-consumer).*
  • Polyiso rigid board insulation provides the highest R-Value per inch in the industry. Excellent R-Values reduce energy demands while maintaining compatibility with all types of roofing membranes and fire assemblies. See ASHRAE 90.1 Standards for Model Energy Code.
  • Atlas polyiso is tested for VOC and formaldehyde emissions, in which reported emissions were below the maximum emission levels allowed under both the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Schools and Children criteria. These tests confirm that Atlas polyiso insulation materials are all very low-emitting products.

*Information About Recycled Content

ACFoam®-II roof insulation contains between 16% and 43% recycled materials by weight, depending on thickness. Since the facers are made of 100% recycled materials (57% post-consumer, 43% pre-consumer), the thinner the product, the higher the recycled content.

A double layer application of insulation with staggered joints is well known for its improved thermal efficiency (prevention of heat loss or gain) over a single layer. Just as important, a double layer can increase the level of recycled material in the total roof insulation. Refer to Technical Bulletin #03-02.

All Atlas Polyiso insulation products are available in a tapered profile. Click here for information about Atlas Tapered products and services.

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