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exterior sheathing

Stucco-Shield® Exterior Wall Insulation

Stucco-Shield® is a rigid, polyiso foam insulation board with specially coated, patented facers on both surfaces specifically for use as substrate for polymer stucco wall insulation systems.

Stucco-Shield® Exterior Wall insulation is specifically designed to be used as a substrate for polymer base and modified stucco wall insulation systems. Apply Stucco-Shield® directly to the exterior side of metal framing, wood framing or masonry construction. Before using Stucco-Shield®, the polymer stucco system manufacturer should be consulted for suitability and approvals.

Stucco-Shield® offers several “green” qualities, including zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) due to Atlas Blowing Agent Technology. When properly installed, Stucco-Shield® wall insulation will provide added insulation and yield immediate energy savings in many types of construction applications.

Stucco-Shield® received the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s highest rating of 4--Highly Resistant to Mold Growth. This GREENGUARD test method is conducted in accordance with ASTM D 6329 and rates materials for susceptibility for microbial growth. The test was conducted on whole products, not just the facing material. Click here to view the Atlas GreenGuard Microbial Resistance Listing.

Atlas polyiso has been tested for VOC and formaldehyde emissions, in which reported emissions were below the maximum emission levels allowed under both the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Schools and Children criteria. These tests confirm that Atlas polyiso insulation systems are all very low-emitting products.

Wall Insulation Systems Applications

For specific information about all Atlas Sheathing applications, please download the Atlas Insulating Sheathing Installation Details. Stucco-Shield® is typically specified for:

  • Stucco Applications (Hardcoat)
  • Stucco Applications (EIFS)
  • Metal Framing Construction
  • Wood Framing Construction
  • Masonry Construction

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and Continuous Insulation

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is the energy code reference in the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). As such, this standard defines code minimums for the classes of constructions covered. In 2008, for the first time in over 19 years, ASHRAE increased the minimum required prescriptive R-value (resistance to heat flow) for roof and wall insulation levels in Standard 90.1

The next IRC and IBC code cycles will require the installation of a layer of continuous insulation over the entire exterior of walls of residential and commercial construction. This requirement will provide for a "thermal break" and added R-value to the structure - making the building much more airtight and energy efficient, as compared to current and past required construction. Foam insulation with an R-value of 5 will be the minimum acceptable continuous insulation. Atlas Stucco-Shield® polyiso foam insulation at 1" thick provides an R-value of 6.0. Atlas recommends thicker insulation and promotes Beyond the Code initiatives that work to create more energy efficient buildings today for a greener tomorrow.

Water Resistive Barrier System

EnergyShield® is a component of a wall system recognized as a Water Resistive Barrier by the International Residential Code Report #ESR-1375. See the WRB Tapes and System page for more information.


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Polyiso Wall Insulation