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Codes and Compliances

FM Standard 4450/4470 Approval
ACFoam®-HS CoverBoard is approved for Class 1 insulated steel roof deck construction. Refer to FM Approvals RoofNav for details on specific systems.

UL Standard 1256 Classification
Insulated metal deck construction assemblies - Construction No. 120, No. 123 and No. 292

UL Standard 790 (ASTM E 108) Classification
Class A with most roof membrane systems.
See UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory.

UL Standard 263 Fire Resistance Classification (ASTM E 119)
Some classifications for fire resistance are P225, P230,  P259, P508, P510, P514, P519, P701, P710, P713, P717,  P718, P719, P720, P722, P723, P724, P725, P727, P728, P729, P730, P732, P801, P814, P815, P818, P819, and P828. See UL Fire Resistance Directory for updated listings.

UL Certified for Canada

IBC, NBC, UBC, and SBC Sections on Foam Insulation (Chapter 26)

FM Approval Ratings: ACFoam-HS CoverBoard

Thickness FM Rating Number of Fasteners per 4' x 8' Board

Tested ratings shown in this table refer to selected adhered membranes.

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are available
for review and download in the
literature section.


ACFoam Limited Warranty20-Year Limited Warranty
In response to valid concerns of building designers regarding thermal efficiency of roof assemblies and the long-term insulating value of roof insulation, Atlas offers a 20€‘year, limited thermal warranty. The “ACFoam® Limited Warranty” places Atlas products above all others and supports the building owner, designer and contractor by backing up thermal performance. This warranty is available to the building owner at the time the building is completed and is transferable to any subsequent owner for the duration of the 20-year period.

Other than the aforementioned representations and descriptions, Atlas Roofing Corporation (hereafter, “Seller”) makes no other representations or warranties as to the insulation sold herein. The Seller disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Seller does, however, offer a limited warranty as to the R-value of the insulation, the terms of which are available upon request from Seller.

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