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synthetic underlayment

Synthetic Underlayment

Why would the world’s largest saturated felt underlayment manufacturer introduce a synthetic underlayment product?

Simply put, there are many roofing installation needs where even the best #30 Saturated Felt in the world is not designed for the long exposure and toughness requirements provided by a synthetic woven fabric product such as SUMMIT®.  Saturated Felt will always be the most common roof underlayment product for use when the job is being dried in immediately and no special performance needs are being considered. However, many jobs have a long open time from the dry-in to the roof covering being installed and do need a tougher product, or the owner simply has the desire to use a premium product. That’s why Atlas is offering SUMMIT®, a premium synthetic underlayment.

SUMMIT® is constructed of a light weight, extremely strong, woven polypropylene fabric, with UV and water resistive coatings and packaged for convenience in 10 square rolls weighing less than 30 lbs. each. SUMMIT® Synthetic Underlayment is unaffected by exposure to water and sunlight for at least 6 months - exactly what is needed to survive those special needs jobs. SUMMIT® is an inorganic, high strength woven fabric based roof system component appropriate for use in virtually all steep slope roof covering systems. SUMMIT® is fully compatible with asphalt shingles, metal roof coverings, Clay Tile, Slate, Concrete Tiles, Wood Shingles and Shakes or any other code approved, steep slope roof covering. The UL Classification demonstrates conformance to critical fire testing requirements. SUMMIT® Synthetic Underlayment is designed to provide for the lifetime need of an underlayment, offering water-shedding redundancy within the roof system while protecting the structure from water damage.


  • High tear strength

  • 6-month min. UV resistance

  • Inorganic construction

  • Assumes shingle warranty

  • High coefficient of friction

  • High tear strength

  • Printed lay-up lines

  • High burst strength

  • 10 sq. roll size

  • < 30 lbs. per roll

  • High temperature rating

  • Available at all Atlas plants


  • Safer to walk on, holds fasteners

  • Maintains integrity of performance

  • Does not absorb water

  • Warranty matches Atlas shingle term

  • Good walking traction

  • Resists high wind blow-offs

  • Easy alignment on roof

  • Resists fastener pull through

  • More coverage, less labor

  • Easier and safer to handle

  • Good to 300º F

  • Available 1 pallet at a time

Atlas offers homeowners UPGRADED coverage on their Premium Protection Period for any Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System. This product qualifies for use in the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System when used in combination with other qualifying Atlas products. For more information download the Atlas Signature Select® Warranty.


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