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Part of being successful is being innovative. This idea is taken very seriously at Atlas Roofing Corporation, an idea applied to our sales & marketing efforts, new product development, the acquisition and building of new facilities and the improvement of manufacturing processes.

Much has changed at Atlas since our establishment in 1982. Below you will find a detailed list of some of the important events and accomplishments in our growing history.

Atlas 19821982 - Atlas Roofing Corporation created with corporate headquarters in Meridian, MS. The humble beginnings of Atlas consisted of one plant, manufacturing asphalt shingles and roll roofing materials. Atlas quickly recognized the opportunity to excel and expand in the roofing market, investing in commercial and residential facilities.

1987 - Atlas purchases three facilities from Owens Corning® in LaGrange, GA, East Moline, IL and Camp Hill, PA to form the Atlas Energy products division, manufacturing polyiso insulations.

1989 - Atlas purchases two more facilities from American Western Polyiso Assets in Denver, CO and Mesa, AZ to join the Atlas Energy products division of polyiso manufacturing locations.

1994 - Atlas purchases five additional facilities from Georgia-Pacific in Hampton, GA, Ardmore, OK, Daingerfield, TX and Franklin, OH to join the Meridian, MS facility in production of asphalt shingles and roll roofing materials. Atlas incorporated into what is now Atlas Roofing Corporation, eliminating the Atlas Energy products division and forming two divisions to manage the residential and commercial product lines.

1995 - Atlas purchases the polyiso manufacturing facility it had been leasing since 1990, located in Diboll, TX.

Atlas 19961996 - Atlas introduces the first polyiso roof insulation panel laminated to Coated Glass Facer (CGF), subsequently named ACFoam®-III. ACFoam®-III, with its landmark CGF design, provided the market a new product with greater facer adhesion and superior dimensional stability.

1997 - Atlas builds a dry felt manufacturing facility next to its asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in Hampton, GA.

undefined1998 - The Atlas facility in LaGrange, GA becomes the first polyiso plant in the country to make the conversion to a CFC & HCFC Free blowing agent in its manufacturing processes.  Atlas would patent this ACUltra® Technology and implement it into all of its other facilities shortly after, years ahead of the Montreal Protocol’s deadline for completion. 

Atlas 19981998 - Atlas introduces the industries first “off the shelf” pre-cut cricket. The Gemini™ Cricket was designed to reduce labor caused by field fabricating crickets. This Atlas innovation was the first of the Atlas tapered pre-cut insulation products.

1998 - Atlas purchases the NPS manufacturing facility located in Perryville, MO for manufacturing of Expanded Polystyrene products.

Atlas 19991999 - Atlas builds its first plant outside the United States in 1999. This polyiso manufacturing facility was built in Toronto, ON to extend the Atlas reach into Canada. The Atlas Toronto Plant was the first polyiso manufacturing facility in North America built exclusively with blowing agent technology that produced Zero Global Warming Potential and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

Atlas EPS2000 - Atlas purchases two additional EPS manufacturing facilities in Grand Rapids, MI and Los Angeles, CA.  This new division of EPS manufacturing facilities becomes the Falcon Foam® Division (now called Atlas EPS), specializing in OEM Products, Custom Packaging, Building Products and GeoFoam for roadway construction.

2003 - Atlas builds a web manufacturing facility near its Meridian, MS plant for the production of commercial slipsheets, paper-free gypsum facers and polyiso insulation facers.  Atlas creates the Web Technologies® division to manage the production and development of new facer technology.

Atlas 20042004 - Atlas introduces the Gemini™ Drain Set. This product was the industries first one-piece pre-cut drain sump. The Gemini™ Drain Set is the only 4’ x 4’ drain sump that requires no assembly by the contractor.

2005 - Atlas moves its Falcon Foam® Los Angeles, CA EPS manufacturing facility to Tijuana, MX.

2007 - Atlas releases the Gemini™ Miter. This product solved the problem of field fabricating tapered insulation hips and valleys. The Gemini™ Miter is the industries first one piece 4’ x 4’ tapered insulation mitered corner.

Atlas 20082008 - Atlas introduces a revolutionary new polyiso product, ACFoam®-IV. This was the industries first polyiso foam, bonded to heavy glass facers, able to withstand FM Global rating 1-345. ACFoam®-IV’s innovative facer technology is capable of never before seen wind uplift ratings for selected roof membranes adhered directly to polyiso.

2009 - Atlas is pleased to add another great product to our Gemini™ Series of Pre-Cut Tapered Insulation, the Gemini™ Series Tapered Edge Strip (TES). Gemini™ TES are manufactured in our State of the Art Facilities and provide a polyiso solution to your positive drainage needs. Gemini™ Tapered Edge Strips are made with a closed cell polyiso foam core integrally laminated to reinforced, dimensionally stable facers. Gemini™ TES are available in a standard thickness to help you achieve positive drainage.

Techni-Flo Ridge Vents2011 - Atlas offers the first complete insulating and ventilating roofing system for steep slope commercial buildings with Techni-Flo. Manufactured to meet the roofing industry’s ventilation needs in steep-slope roofs, this state-of-the-art system is engineered to ensure consistent intake and exhaust airflow underneath the roof covering of commercial building applications.

Vancouver Polyiso plant coverage2012 - The leading polyiso manufacturer in North America is now the “Go-To” insulation provider in the Pacific Northwest. Greater coverage means greater service. Atlas continues the growth of their production and service capacity by introducing a state-of-the-art polyiso manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest. The new plant, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, answers a growing demand for polyiso roof and wall insulation products in the region. All of Atlas’ polyiso products are available through the new Vancouver facility beginning with shipments in February 2012.

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