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A Steep Slope Roof System Solution For East Park Villa

East Park Villa in Aurora, Neb. provides assisted and independent living services and accommodations in a senior community setting. Way more than just a roof over the residents' heads, the facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities or for seniors living independently, but may receive additional services like transportation, pools, a convenience store, bank, barber/beauty shop, resident laundry, housekeeping, and security. When the roof on the living facility started experiencing condensation issues, the facility's board of directors sought to provide the best resolution and quality roof replacement possible.

The Techni-Flo™ Engineered Roof Ventilation System is manufactured to meet the roofing industry’s ventilation needs in steep-slope roofs.
Poor roof ventilation caused condensation issues for this facility. Paschke Brothers Construction installed a Techni-Flo™ Engineered Roof Ventilation System and CrossVent® products to resolve the problems.

Nich Paschke of Paschke Brothers Construction was contacted to evaluate the existing roof, which was only a handful of years old. Upon assessment, ventilation issues were determined to be a probable cause for the condensation. Success in this project ultimately depended on identifying and implementing a ventilation system that could help solve the problem for East Park Villa. The board requested that Paschke Brothers Construction propose a solution to eliminate the problem long term, which led the contractor to Atlas Roofing Corporation's website.

"Nich found our Techni-Flo™ Engineered Roof Ventilation System and CrossVent® products on our website and contacted me regarding the project," said Atlas Field Sales Representative for the Iowa/Nebraska region, Jenny Sansone.

Techni-Flo™ ensures airflow through the ventilation space because the eave, ridge, and insulation venting capacity are designed as a system. The Techni-Flo engineered roof ventilation system consists of three parts: The Techni-Flo™ EV (eave vent), ACFoam® CrossVent® and the Techni-Flo™ RV (ridge vent).

"As it turned out, Nich wanted more than just the products to fix the problem," Jenny added. "He wanted a trusted manufacturer to provide a full system warranty."

Nich took advantage of the wide range of complementary products Atlas offers as part of its Signature Select® Roofing System, as well as the Techni-Flo™ Engineered Roof Ventilation System. Other Atlas products used on the project include StormMaster® Shake featuring Scotchgard™ Protector shingles, Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, and Pro-Cut® Starter Strip, all in the Burnt Sienna color option; SUMMIT® 60 Synthetic Underlayment; and Thread Point Nail Base Fasteners. In return, Atlas met his needs with a Lifetime Limited Warranty (up to 50 years) and 20-year Non Pro-rated Premium Protection Period. Using a system that easily integrated with the rest of the roofing components simplified the solution, design and installation process.

East Park Villa entails a massive steep sloped roofing system that called for a thoughtful installation plan. Removing and replacing the sheeting and installing the new roof system presented a challenge, which the contractor carefully orchestrated to minimize interruption throughout the facility site and to the residents.

Engineered ventilation is the long-term help that East Park Villa required. This performance-based ventilation system is designed to ensure consistent intake and exhaust airflow underneath the roof covering of commercial building applications.

The Techni-Flo™ EV features a unique design that creates airflow to the eave, limiting heat build-up, helping to evacuate moisture, and thereby ensuring a longer roof system life. The Techni-Flo™ RV, which accommodates both standing seam and shingled roof applications, features a snap on cover for ease of installation, as well as slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement. To complete the system, ACFoam® CrossVent® polyiso foam insulation boards contain vent spacer strips, which promote airflow by separating 7/16" OSB from the foam insulation. This separation creates airways through which air flows from the eave to the ridge. CrossVent® combines a nailable surface, insulation, and a ventilating airspace all in one panel.

The balance of the engineered roof ventilation system now prevents moisture buildup due to its consistent temperature and airflow regulation. This ensures that the previous moisture problem will not continue or lead to mold and mildew that could potentially cause damage to the facility and create health issues for the residents.

The project was completed successfully and on schedule. Since Paschke Brothers Construction used the complete Atlas system, installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, this project is expected to deliver protection to East Park Villa and its residents well into the future.