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IKEA Promotes Environmental Responsibility

Case Studies - IKEA

The international furniture giant, The IKEA Group, sells approximately 11,000 different items in each of their stores. With a growing total of 178 stores in 31 countries, each location is filled with a variety of colors. However, the IKEA corporate philosophy can be best described by just one color -- “green.”

Most of the furniture sold inside an IKEA store is made from recyclable, biodegradable and easily renewable wood sources that are harvested from non-environmentally sensitive areas.

The IKEA environmental vision also encompasses their policies and procedures regarding new store construction, where heavy emphasis is placed on the durability, sustainability, recyclability and environmental impact of building materials.

The company has just completed a 340,000 square-foot superstore in Vaughn, their fourth store in the metropolitan Toronto area. All were built with a high degree of environmental sensitivity.

“We are taking a lot of green steps,” said Haim Goldstein, IKEA’s Construction Manager for the Vaughn project. “From the roofing system to the refrigerant used in the building’s coolant system, we comply with the stricter regulations adopted since the Montreal Protocol.”

For its Vaughn store, IKEA specified a number of “green” construction materials, including ACFoam®-II insulation from Atlas Roofing Corporation. The product is HCFC-free, offers zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and has no global warming potential while still retaining high R-values and offering superior fire performance.

Goldstein explained that recycled content was a major consideration when selecting insulation material. ACFoam-II contains between 17 and 68 percent recycled material by weight, depending on thickness. The facers are made from 100 percent recycled material.

Atlas is a pioneer in the manufacture of polyiso foam insulation. It was the first manufacturer to adopt the terms of the Montreal Protocol and subsequent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, years before they went into effect; and the company manufactures insulation products without the use of environmentally harmful blowing agents.

According to Richard Smith, vice president of Everett Roofing Supply, the distributor of the ACFoam-II used on the job, it took 18 to 20 truckloads of insulation and two to three truckloads of membrane to complete the job.

The insulation panels on this project were installed over a metal deck as part of a Sarnafil roofing system with a 48-mil loose laid single-ply membrane that was mechanically fastened with the seams heat welded.

“The joints have been taped to provide a continuous vapor and air barrier,” Sipos said.

In addition to the Toronto area, Atlas products were also specified for IKEA stores built in Montreal and Edmonton.

The ACFoam-II specified for this job was the North American standard for IKEA, according to Paul Sipos, a spokesman for Stark Ireland Architects, Inc., the project architect. There was no general contractor on the IKEA project as it was a project management project, according to Sipos. Toronto based Eastern Construction Company Ltd., one of Canada’s largest commercial builders, functioned as the project manager.

Smith explained that the ACFoam-II panels supplied by Everett Roofing Supply for use in the Vaughn IKEA project contained 2.7 inches of polyiso foam bonded to the facers.

This specific thickness of insulation was selected based on the area’s diverse environmental conditions, taking into account both the extreme cold and intense heat that the region historically experiences, Sipos explained.

In summer, temperatures can typically reach well into the 80-degree range Fahrenheit. In winter, the temperatures can plummet to an average of –20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Case Studies - IKEA

Atlas manufacturers a variety of HCFC-free Polyiso insulation production in addition to ACFoam-II. Most are offered in a variety of thicknesses and provide Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) values from 6 to 25.

According to Don Moore, the Ontario regional sales manager for Sarnifil, IKEA needed foam insulation with 18 to 20 pounds per square inch of compression strength in order to support the roof mounted heating and air conditions equipment, plus the added weight people who must occasionally work on the roof.

The newly-opened Vaughn store was the fourth for IKEA in metropolitan Toronto. Located on 21 acres of an 85-acre retail development, the new store features a 350-seat restaurant, separate lounge areas themed for kids and teens, and an outdoor shaded children’s play area with a 360-degree spiral slide.

Atlas Regional Manager, Norman Toupin, noted that the Vaughn store was the third new IKEA store for which ACFoam products were specified. He credits Atlas’ own strong environmental building requirements as well as the strength and sustainability of the Atlas products in meeting IKEA’s tough demands.

In the United States, Atlas has embraced the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards adopted by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED serves as a rating system through which building owners accumulate credits, earned through the use of products, procedures and design innovations, toward certification as a “green” building.

“The process promotes responsible construction and evaluates environmental performance over a building’s entire life cycle,” Toupin explained. “LEED provides a definitive standard for what constitutes a green building.”

A total of 286 million people visited the IKEA Group’s retail stores in 2002. IKEA also printed 118 million copies of its catalog in 23 languages last year and maintains Web sites in several different languages. The company has a total of 11 Canadian stores and an additional 17 in the United States.

Alhough they vastly differ in their customer base, marketing techniques and the products they sell; both the IKEA Group and Atlas Roofing Corporation share a common vision for sustainable construction, energy conservation and environmental responsibility.

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