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It`s a Jungle Out There

Case Studies - It's a Jungle Out There

The Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk, VA, is a world-class exposition, housing over 350 animals representing more than 110 species in an educational, conservational and respectful setting. The Zoo's mission statement (" ensure that The Virginia Zoological Park thrives as a superior zoological institution, reaching its fullest potential to serve people, animals and the environment") was a factor for developers when the Zoo expanded, building a new Education/Entry Complex and Visitor Center using environmentally friendly building products. The $5 million expansion consisted of an entry plaza, fountain and courtyard, as well as new Visitor Services, educational space, zoo administration offices and gift shop. The architectural firm chosen for the Virginia Zoological Park project was Torre Design Consortium LTD., of New Orleans, LA. Senior Associate Jeff Borchardt was among those responsible for choosing to use environmentally responsible products. Borchardt states, "It's becoming very important to consider environmental impact when specifying products for zoo projects. You just don't want wildlife exposed to harmful gases (from the roofing insulation) at a facility whose purpose is to be respectful of nature." Borchardt went on to say that Atlas Roofing's ACFoam® Nail Base maximized R-Value performance while minimizing thickness.

Case Studies - It's a Jungle Out There

The ability of rigid foam to maintain shape (compressive strength) while maximizing thermal performance is a very important factor. It is the structural strength along with the variety of available designs that make polysiocyanurate (polyiso) insulation a desirable solution for roofing insulation applications.

Baker Roofing Company was proud to participate as the roofing contractor in the Virginia Zoological Society's project that utilized ACFoam® Nail Base. The company has experience in all types of roofing construction, including developments as large as 1.5 million square feet of roof coverage. The roof system for this project is a Hemlock Green Englert 24 gauge galvanized steel standing seam. Almost two hundred boards of ACFoam® Nail Base Insulation (NBI) were used, resulting in a roof that is truly "green" ...inside and out. General contractor, CBC, was happy to accommodate subcontractors who provide environmentally responsible products.

As a leader in manufacturing "Green" roofing products, Atlas Roofing Corporation's ACFoam® Nail Base was the polyiso of choice for this project based on Atlas's well-known history and reputation for being environmentally responsible and the product's thermal and structural performance.

In 1998 the company introduced a line of insulation products that did not deplete the stratospheric ozone layer or contribute to the effects of Global Warming. Their ACFoam® insulation product offerings are available for virtually every type of construction system, so it just made good sense that a zoological park would be the perfect application for a product that respects the environment.

Case Studies - It's a Jungle Out There

According to Atlas Roofing Corporation's Director of Marketing, Rick Gelatka, Atlas "was the first company to research, develop, and introduce this new generation of CFC- and HCFC-free polyiso insulation products, with ACUltra® technology inside."

Atlas's ACUltra® Technology is a proven process, meaning ZERO HCFC's - a cost effective "Green" building solution. The products' excellent R-Values reduce energy demands and maintain compatibility with all types of roofing membranes and fire assemblies. The ACFoam® Nail Base Insulation used on the zoological park met the required R-Value performance and thickness. ACFoam® Nail Base is a thermally efficient polyiso insulation board bonded to 7/16" APA/TECO rated OSB (oriented strand board) on the top side and glass fiber-reinforced felt facer on the bottom. Atlas ACFoam® Nail Base Insulation meets ASTM C 1289-02, Type V, is FM approved with windstorm ratings of 1-90 and 1-105, and is UL classified.

The concern for creating a "green" building led the Zoo's developers to use environmentally friendly building products. Creating a "green" building means matching the products and materials to the specific design and site while minimizing the overall environmental impact. Building "green" has unfortunately had the reputation of requiring extremely high "up-front" costs with savings occurring during the extended "life cycle" of the development. But today, building "green" is a good long-term investment that doesn't have to cost any more than building with less environmentally friendly products.

The choice to use environmentally friendly products on this prestigious project certainly proved the Virginia Zoological Society's commitment to the environment and the animals entrusted in their care.

Virginia Zoological Park
3500 Granbe St.
Norfolk, VA
(757) 624-9937


Architectural Firm:
Torre Design Consortium LTD.
Jeff Borchardt
Senior Associate
5005 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-2932

General Contractor:
Michael Helman
4535 East Princess Ann Rd.
Norfolk, VA
(757) 855-6100

Roofing Contractor:
Baker Roofing
Karl Seamster
2043 Church Street
Norfolk, VA
(757) 625-2991

Insulation Systems
Larry Gensen
Distribution Branch Manager
2861 Crusader Cr.
Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 368-5557

Atlas Sales Rep:
Sorum Marketing
Harvey Sorum
2202 Wayne Ave.
Charlottesville, VA
(434) 977-4354

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