Coated Glass Facer Products

WEBTECH® Coated Glass Facers (CGF) are designed to be used as a dimensionally stable, fire resistant substrate for many different industries. Testing of WEBTECH®’s coated glass facers show that they are antimicrobial and will not support the growth of mold and mildew. It is water repellent, and does not shrink or expand when exposed to water. Various coatings are available that enhance adhesion to other products and weatherability.

WEBTECH® CGF has protected billions of square feet of walls and roofs from the damaging effects of the environment with the use of coated wall coverings and house wraps. Our coating technology coupled with the fiberglass mat substrate can be used to design a variety of benefits that our customers demand in today’s market.

Although a majority of WEBTECH® coated products are created for the building industry, we are not limited to just one market. WEBTECH® coatings may be used in automotive products such as RV fabrics and vehicle headliners; furniture products; textiles; and oversized packaging, such as big bags. WEBTECH® also has a variety of custom solutions with specialty coatings that can be created to act as water repellents or flame retardants.

Building Industry

The majority of our Coated Products will ultimately be used in the commercial building and residential building industries. Some coated construction materials include: insulation board, house wraps, wall coverings, foil faced insulation, roofing membranes, HVAC media, slipsheets, and insulation products. WEBTECH® designs and manufactures products that will usually be used in conjunction with other components to make the end product even better. Some of the purposes these end products will serve include thermal efficiency, fire resistance, water proofing, and antimicrobial mold and mildew growth inhibition as well as others.


Polyiso insulation boards are the only foam plastic insulation that can be used in almost all types of roof systems without the need for a thermal barrier.
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Gypsum Board is widely used for internal walls and ceilings by the construction industry.
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FR-10 and FR-50 are coated-glass fiber mats specifically designed for installation over wood decks or certain combustible insulation. The FR-10 and FR-50 slipsheets are fire retardant to ensure safety at the highest level.
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EPS/XPS Laminates

Atlas Web Technologies Coated Glass Facers that are manufactured for foam panel products are usually constructed of a glass fiber wet process mat coated with a latex based, highly inorganic filled coating.
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