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A Wall Insulation Board Suited for Commercial or Residential Applications


There are many different ways to go when it comes to wall insulation, but if you’re looking for an environmental-friendly option, Polyisocyanurate (polyiso) is the best option. The Atlas EnergyShield® CGF rigid wall insulation board is a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core, faced with a non-reflective coated glass-mat facer on both sides.

Wall sheathing is suitable for a variety of continuous insulation (CI) applications. It’s a flexible option that can be used with concrete, wood, wood stud, steel stud, air and vapor barrier membranes, and glass-mat gypsum. Making Atlas rigid insulation the perfect selection of wall sheathing for nearly any project.

EnergyShield® CGF combines high R-value, enhanced durability from two coated glass-mat facers, and water resistive attributes in a high performance rigid insulation board. This energy efficient benefit provided by rigid insulation will ensure temperature control, saving you from unnecessary heat loss.

Atlas polyiso rigid insulation has been tested for VOC and formaldehyde emissions, in which reported emissions were below the maximum emission levels allowed under both the GREEN-GUARD and GREENGUARD Schools and Children criteria. These tests confirm that Atlas polyiso insulation systems are all very low-emitting products, making it one of the best environmental-friendly wall sheathing options as previously mentioned. It is also an ideal way to go for any-one looking to reduce their carbon footprint or fulfill a “go green” initiative.

Panel sizes are 4' by 8' or 4' by 9'. Insulation panels can be supplied in nominal 16" or 24" widths for use in cavity wall applications. Custom sizes are also available.

Glass-Mat Facers. The Ultimate Alternative.

Discover the alternative to foil faced boards. The Atlas Wall CI Board line includes coated glass-mat facers, a best-practice building method throughout North America. These high-performance and durable, coated glass-mat facers protect the building while the walls are exposed during construction.

It’s a great go-to wall sheathing when you prefer a more vapor open and durable facing compared to foil. EnergyShield® CGF bonds aggressively to most trowel applied, fluid/ liquid applied and “peel and stick” water resistant barriers. EnergyShield® CGF can be used in many “combustible construction” projects such as Type V commercial buildings, multifamily and single-family residential construction.

They are also widely accepted in the building industry, with hundreds of materials tested to work with them as a system – including spray-applied air barriers, peel-and-stick membranes, and more. Coated glass-mat facers have a great installed track record, too. It’s another reason to choose Atlas polyiso rigid insulation for your next project.

After all, the Atlas EnergyShield® CGF rigid insulation is where extreme durability meets true energy efficiency. Perfect for both commercial and residential installation, it’s the high performance you need and the permeable solution you desire. It’s the continuous insulation that won’t stop, and it’s time you get covered today.

Insulation R-Value

Insulation R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. The R-value being discussed is the unit thermal resistance. This is used for a unit value of any particular material. Below is the table of insulation R-value for Atlas EnergyShield® CGF Rigid Foam Insulation. The higher the number, the better the building insulation's effectiveness.

Standard Thickness3 in 0.5 0.75 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5
mm 13 19 25 38 51 64 76 89
R-value1,2 3.0 4.5 6.0 9.0 12.1 15.3 18.5 21.7
1    Conditioned thermal values were determined by ASTM Test Method C518 at 75° mean temperature.
Test specimens were conditioned in accordance with procedures outlined in ASTM C1289, Section
2    “R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.
3    Other sizes available upon request. Contact your local Atlas sales office.

Highest R, One-Step Polyiso Rigid Wall
Insulation Available. The Choice Is Elementary.

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