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Engineered Roof Underlayment

Atlas put its innovative product knowledge and industry expertise to work to create the Gorilla Guard® line of engineered roof underlayment. Gorilla Guard and Gorilla Guard SPEC 30 were designed to outperform traditional felt roof underlayment by adding a specially developed formulation of additives to the glass fibers. In third party independent testing, this Engineered Roof Underlayment from Atlas was lighter when compared to traditional felt and had stronger tear resistance. Felt underlayment may produce heavy wrinkles, which could lead to buckling shingles. And finally, traditional felt underlayment is more susceptible to UV degradation. The advanced substrates that are added to the Gorilla Guard line of engineered underlayment also allow it to lay flatter, resist wrinkling and reduce slippage. It’s tougher, yet easy to handle for a smooth application. The labor cost and time saved by using Atlas engineered underlayment encourages more contractors to offer it to customers as standard, rather than an upgrade. To see more benefits of Atlas engineered underlayment, check out the differences below and see why Gorilla Guard and Gorilla Guard SPEC 30 can be the answer to your high performance felt roofing underlayment needs.