Automotive Headliner

Auto HeadlinerWEBTECH® provides components used in the manufacturing of various automotive parts, such as automotive headliner.

A headliner is a combination of an outer layer of fabric, an inner rigid substrate and an inner foam backing which is adhered to the roof of an automobile. This composite product improves the interior appeal of the vehicle, as well as providing an element of insulation.

WEBTECH produces the middle layer of these sandwiched components, the rigid substrate. This gives the fabric layer and foam layer something to adhere to while increasing stability of the headliner.

Typical WEBTECH® Headliner Properties

Property Test Method Nominal Tolerance
Wet Weight (Lbs./480 SqFt.) ASTM D646 50 47-50
Moisture (%) ASTM D644 n/a 6-7
Tensile MD (Lbs.) ASTM D828 n/a 35
Kerosene No. ASTM D727 n/a 185-195
Roll Width (in.) n/a 48 48-48 1/4
Roll Diameter (in.) n/a n/a 84