Polyiso Tile Backer

WEBTECH® CGF is used as a facer for many polyiso tile backer products. Coated fiberglass mat was developed to help keep moisture out. Testing of CGF shows it will not support the growth of mold and mildew. The WEBTECH® OPTICoat Technology can be used to deliver superior adhesion and water resistance properties. WEBTECH® CGF has been used for years as a facer to products used in kitchens, showers and baths.

Atlas Web Technologies Coated Glass Facers that are manufactured for polyiso tile backer products are usually constructed of a glass fiber wet process mat coated with a latex based, highly inorganic filled coating. The glass mat serves as reinforcement for the coating and also the end product for improved features.

Atlas Web Technologies has printing and coloring capabilities for all CGF products as well as the ability to provide branding through the use of company logos, messages, etc.

WEBTECH® coated glass facers and its rolls have the following product features and specifications:

  • Dry Weight (Mat) = 1.0-4.0 lbs./100 ft²
  • Caliper = 15-65+ mils
  • Tensile, machine direction = 100-lbs pli minimum
  • Moisture = 0.2% to 2.0%
  • Roll width can be up to 12" to 60" as specified by customer
  • Roll diameter can be from 36" minimum up to 71" maximum, as specified by customer
  • The heavy-duty core is 6" I.D.
  • Each roll is tightly wound for proper payoff while unwinding the roll.
  • No roll splices occur within 6" of core or within 2" of the outer diameter. Splices will be flagged on the side of the roll - i.e. clearly marked. A roll will not contain more than 1 splice.
  • Each roll is labeled with production date, shift, roll number, length, roll weight and product number.
  • Loading configuration of rolls will depend upon the roll size ordered, customer preference and to minimize damage during shipment.

CGF Uses

WEBTECH® CGF is designed to enhance the end product performance of a variety of commercial, residential and industrial composite applications. Typical uses include:

  • Insulation Foam Facers
  • Fire Retardant Slip Sheets
  • Gypsum Board Facers
  • EPS Foam Facers
  • XPS Foam Facers
  • Cement Board Facers
  • Underlayments
Fire resistance
Fire Resistance
Uplift Resistance
Uplift Resistance