WEBTECH® DF (Dry Felt)

Dry FeltWEBTECH® DF (Dry Felt) is constructed of post consumer recycle fiber modified with wood fibers to control absorption properties. This product enhances end product performance in a variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications. WEBTECH offers a wide range of Dry Felt products such as: 20 lb - 50 lb Felt.

The WEBTECH DF is designed to reinforce and strengthen products used in everything from roofing underlayments to packaging. Comes in a range of grades to suit any manufacturing need.

Typical WEBTECH® DF Properties

Property Test Method Units (English) Range (Typical)
Width N/A Inches 36-49
Basis Weight (mat) Tappi T 410 Lbs/480 ft² 17-55
Moisture Tappi T 412 % 4.0-7.0
Porosity Tappi T 460 Seconds 10-45
Tensile MD Tappi T 404 Lbs/3" 30+
Tensile CMD Tappi T 404 Lbs/3" 15+
Kerosene Value ASTM D 6136 % 100-160

Typical WEBTECH® DF Roll Properties

Property Units Range
Roll Diameter Inches 48-83
Roll Weight Lbs 2,250-5,000
Core Diameter I.D./Inches 3-4