WEBTECH® GRF (Glass Reinforced Felt)

GRF is constructed of 100% recycled post consumer and post industrial fiber. It is chemically modified and bonded such that the resultant mat improves final product performance. Its success as a facer for polyiso foam board insulation has been proven on millions of squares of installed commercial roofs under all types of waterproofing membranes.

Typical WEBTECH® GRF Physical Properties

Property Test Method Units (English) Range (Typical)
Width N/A Inches


Basis Weight Tappi T 410 Lbs/480 ft² 18-32
Caliper Tappi T 411 mils 17-30
Moisture Tappi T 412 % 3.0-7.0
Tensile MD Tappi T 404 Lbs/3" 30+
Tensile CD Tappi T 404 Lbs/3" 10+
Cobb Tappi T 441 Grams/cm² <100
Ash Content Tappi T 431 % 5-25

Typical WEBTECH® GRF Roll Properties

Property Units Range
Roll Diameter Inches 40-72
Roll Weight Lbs 1,500-4,000
Core Diameter I.D./Inches 3 or 4