FR-50 Slipsheet

FR-50 fire resistant slipsheets enhance the overall fire performance of many conventional commercial roof systems including metal roofs.

FR-50 is a coated-glass fiber mat specifically designed for installation over wood decks or certain combustible insulation. FR-50 incorporates a heavier glass mat and more coating than FR-10 to provide enhanced fire performance.

  • Superior protection against flame spread and penetration.
  • A lightweight and easy-to-install roof system component.
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over noncombustible decks and expanded polystyrene.
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over combustible and noncombustible decks and extruded polystyrene.

Fire-Retardant Slipsheets Recommended Uses

FR-50 is specifically formulated for use over wood decks or polystyrene insulation. The proprietary flame-retardant coating and glass-fiber mat provide protection against flame spread and flame penetration through the roof system. The slipsheet can also act as a barrier between chemically incompatible insulation and roof membranes. In addition, the sheet may be used in multiple layers to achieve certain Class A fire resistance ratings.

Technical Data: Fire Retardant Slipsheet

UL Classified
Slipsheet for Roofing Systems as to an External Fire Exposure only.
See UL Directory of Products Certified for Canada and
UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory.

Miami-Dade County, Florida
NOA No. 05-0602.03, 10/20/10

Standard Sizes

Squares Per Roll Coverage W/2" Lap Roll Size Roll Weight (Aprox.)
4.2 Squares
(420 sq. ft.)
4.02 Squares
(402 sq. ft.)
48" x 105'
(1219.2 mm x 32 m)

Tensile Properties

Property Test Method FR-50
Machine Direction TAPPI T 100p om-06 64 lbs/in.
Cross Machine Direction TAPPI T 1009 om-06 46 lbs/in.