Tile Backers

The reason why you install tile backer (also known as backer board) behind tile in wet areas is because it is a better substrate than drywall, wood, and practically anything else. Installing a backer board is a substitute for troweling on countless thick layers of mortar as a base.

WEBTECH® manufactures Tile Backer boards for use with Polyiso products and Gypsum products.

Gypsum Tile Backers

The Atlas Web Technologies Coated Glass Facers that are manufactured for gypsum tile backer products are usually constructed of a glass fiber wet process mat coated with a latex based, highly inorganic filled coating. Learn more →

Polyiso Tile Backers

WEBTECH® CGF is used as a facer for many feet of polyiso tile backer products. The coated fiberglass mat was developed to help keep moisture out. Learn More →