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District Sales Manager: CO, NE, NM


Denver, CO

Job Type

Full time

Required Travel


Primary Responsibilities

  • Work closely with local Atlas sales representatives to promote new Atlas products.
  • Implement pricing and marketing strategies to maximize sales, gross margins, and profits.
  • Develop relationships with existing distributor accounts, identify and grow business opportunities with other distributor accounts, and develop strong relationships with key contractors, architects, specifiers, building owners, and builder.
  • Assist the Region Manager with pricing, budgeting, regional personnel decision, and developing sales and market reports for corporate management.
  • Manage sensitive pricing information (i.e. list price pages) and sensitive documents (i.e. personnel appraisals, region budget documents, P&L information).
  • Assist Region Manager with monthly highlight report and evaluate region sales reports.
  • Develop and maintain a weekly sales log of calls and activities that indicate successes for that particular week’s calls.
  • Complete weekly travel and expense report, monthly travel schedule and submit to Region Manager for approval.
  • Possess extensive knowledge and background in Atlas Shingle & Underlayment and Roof and Wall and competitor’s products.
  • Communicate daily with Region Manager, regional Account Executives, Plant Manager, Plant Personnel, Company Sales Office Managers, and Regional Sales Representatives.
  • Make business decisions based on guidelines and boundaries from the Region Manager to expedite specific business criteria (price quoting, etc.)
  • Confer with Region Manager for decisions that are outside of boundary guidelines for approval before moving forward with decisions.
  • Travel throughout assigned territory approximately three days a week 50%-60% of time weekly.


  • Five (5) years within the roofing industry either with a contractor or distributor.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Professional selling skills are critical.
  • Ability to make sound business decisions and judgments to maximize profitability for the Company.
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • Ability to analyze cost, benefits, and risk of a decision and analyze chances for success of decision.
  • Ability to maintain current industry knowledge, monitor industry to assess new developments, and anticipate industry trends.
  • Ability to services both internal and external customers, provide superior service and value to all customers, take responsibility to resolve customer issues, and respond to customer request promptly.
  • Ability to motivate and positively influence others and promote a climate of involvement, corporation, and teamwork.
  • Ability to set challenging goals and demonstrate a willingness to achieve goals.

Education, Licenses & Certification

  • Four (4) year degree is required.

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