Atlas Announces Techni-Flo Engineered Ventilation Systems

February 25th, 2011

Atlas Roofing Corporation is proud to introduce the Techni-Flo™ Engineered Ventilation System. Manufactured to meet the design conditions of each project,  this state-of-the art ventilation  system is engineered to ensure consistent intake and exhaust air flow underneath the roof covering of commercial building applications . Proper venting throughout a steeped-sloped roofing system is essential for durability of the roof system and for moderation of roof cover temperatures above the air space.  The Techni-Flo™ engineered ventilation system consists primarily of 3  components:

  1. The Techni-Flo™ EV (eave vent) features a unique design that allows air flow to the eave. Fastening holes on the roof flange and cover are pre-slotted to allow for thermal movement, as well as to ensure proper fastening location.
  2. Atlas ACFoam® CrossVent® (or its more energy-efficient radiant barrier counterpart, CrossVent® RB) is an environmentally friendly polyiso foam insulation board for use over sloped unventilated roof decks. To promote air circulation within it, CrossVent® contains vent spacer strips to separate 7/16" OSB from the foam insulation. CrossVent® combines a nailable surface, insulation, and a ventilating airspace all in one panel.
  3. Techni-Flo™ RV (ridge vent) accommodates both standing seam and shingled roof applications, and is engineered to individual job ventilation needs. Featuring a snap-on cover for ease of installation, this all-metal ridge vent can withstand heavy snow-loads, will not compress under stress, and resists wind-driven rain and snow. It also features slotted fastening holes for proper thermal movement and correct fastener placement.

The Techni-Flo™ Engineered Ventilation System is the only system solution on the market that combines consistent maximum airflow based on engineered design with proven Atlas® technology and leadership in the polyiso industry. The system is backed by a 20-year, 120 mph wind and ventilation warranty and a 20-year Limited Thermal Warranty for CrossVent®. For more information on Techni-Flo™, CrossVent®, CrossVent® RB, or any of Atlas's premium underlayments and designer shingle lines to complete your roofing system, visit http://www.Atlas