Atlas Launches New Interactive LTTR Calculator Tool

June 1st, 2011

GreenZone LTTR Calculator

Choose Your Climate Zone

The climate zone plays a big role in determining what the minimum R-value has to be for a specific region. Click here to learn more about Climate Zones and how they can affect your polyiso insulation decisions.

Climate Zone Map

Select ASHRAE standard

Select An ASHRAE Standard

Select a target ASHRAE standard from the menu. An indicator will display below the system once the chosen ASHRAE standard has been reached or surpassed.


Select An R-value

Select the desired R-value from the menu. An indicator will display below the system once the chosen R-value has been reached or surpassed.

Drag & Drop Polyiso Insulation

Begin creating your system by dragging polyiso products and dropping them where indicated. You can create systems with dual layers of polyiso insulation. To do this drag and drop the first layer of insulation, then drag and drop a second layer either above or below the existing layer.

Drag and drop

Specify Polyiso Thickness

Once you drop layers of polyiso insulation you can select a specific thickness for that layer by making a selection from the provided menu. Thickness availability will vary depending on the polyiso product chosen.

Polyiso thickness

Save Your System

Once you have created the polyiso system you feel is right for your project, you can save the system in our database or as a pdf for future use. An account is required to use this feature, which you can easily create for free.

Save your system