Contractors Get Atlas Tools For Success

May 15th, 2014

Atlas Signature Select® was created for contractors to access powerful tools and resources to assist in providing a quality roofing system. When a roofing contractor creates an Atlas Signature Select® account, he gains access to free tools for success that help contractors stay ahead in the competitive roofing business.

It's easy to enroll in the program. Roofers visit, fill in the Signup Form, review the Terms and Conditions, and then start selling. No training or certification and no registration fee are required to join the Atlas Signature Select® program. It’s a marketing plan created to help contractors add to their bottom line and reach their target market segment.

The Atlas contractor login portal is accessible from any page on the Signature Select® navigation bar. By entering the portal, contractors can order marketing materials custom created to enhance a sales presentation. This includes Signature Select® brochures, product sample boards, and customer-focused promotional materials that allow a roofing contractor to build a solid professional image. The login portal also gives contractors a way to keep jobs on schedule with easy online locations of the nearest Atlas Roofing product distributor. Business support is available exactly when it’s needed, including detailed product information and proven marketing tools to create impressive sales presentations.

Another way Atlas helps contractors sell successfully is by providing homeowner leads. Contractors can get leads 24/7 via, Atlas Roofing’s homeowner website. When customer inquiries are generated in a contractor’s geographic area, they are sent to him via an online control panel. Atlas sends email updates for web tools, products and services directly to contractors in the Signature Select® program.

When installing an Atlas Signature Select® roofing system, there is no need to worry about product incompatibility due to a hodge-podge of materials. Atlas Signature Select® products form a cohesive and comprehensive roofing system with components specifically designed to fit together. Each is manufactured with precision to ensure that contractors install a roofing system they can feel proud of. Atlas stands firmly behind its premium roofing products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, plus an extended Protection Period. If any Signature Select® Roofing System component is defective, contractors know exactly who to call to solve the problem. That is a very helpful tool!

One of the most popular Atlas tools for success is the Shingle Visualizer. Every Signature Select® roofing contractor can now get the Atlas Shingle Visualizer on their own company website. It's easy to install and it's free. By putting the power of the Shingle Visualizer to work on your website, customers stay exposed to the Atlas brand and your company's specific service offerings. With an Atlas Shingle Visualizer button on your website, they can quickly and easily make decisions to help choose the roof they want. The Shingle Visualizer allows homeowners to see shingle colors and styles on pre-selected homes. With a few easy steps, your customer can design a new roof and digitally save it for easy reference. There is no need for them to visit your competition.

The Shingle Visualizer also features the Pristine Effect, the industry’s first algae aging simulator. This lets customers see a stunning visual comparison between Atlas Pristine shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, and other shingles that have only standard protection. Watching other shingles age while the Atlas Pristine shingles stay clean and stain free, can be a deal-closer for your customers.

Atlas has long provided contractors with the most efficient materials to do their job and now they have put it literally at your fingertips. Your business is mobile and your project management should be too. ProAPP™ for iPad®, operating on cloud technology, has everything a roofing contractor needs to run a professional business. It has immediate access to the support of Atlas products, literature, promotions, and training tools. The Atlas ProAPP is proof that Atlas always has the contractor in mind when developing new tools for success. Atlas ProAPP has now teamed with Eagleview Technologies to provide Signature Select® contractors with precise, detailed roof measurement reports.

Each year, new innovations in tools and technology are introduced to the roofing industry. To provide the training needed to be on top of these changes, Atlas Roofing offers classes through a program that has become known as Atlas University. These continuing education courses are offered in various formats; some are held at an Atlas facility and others are done directly online. Roofing industry professionals who complete these classes can earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units). The courses, conducted by experienced Atlas representatives, make it possible for those in the industry to immediately get the specialized training they need to stay on top of the roofing world.