Design for LEED Regional Priority Credits with Atlas’ LTTR Calculator

February 13th, 2012

Atlas Roofing’s LTTR Calculator ( can assist LEED project teams attempting to assess a building’s polyiso insulated roof system for Regional Environmental Priorities credits to achieve an exemplary energy efficient design.

Atlas polyiso insulation products already assist with the minimum energy performance levels required by LEED Green Building Rating System as a prerequisite and the additional Optimized Energy Performance EA Credit 1 requirements. LEED project teams use ASHRAE 90.1 to calculate a building’s energy performance benchmark and then design systems, including the HVAC and building envelope systems, to exceed the benchmark.

Project teams pursuing Regional Environmental Priorities (REP) Credits in LEED 2009 for energy efficiency are typically seeking to achieve high levels of points within the rating system. The higher the points gained in LEED, the higher the level of certification, with gold and platinum certifications as the top two levels.

Atlas polyiso insulation products can help project teams meet and exceed compliance with the ASHRAE 90.1 standard for nearly all climates zones in North American. Not only can LEED points be obtained for designing for greater energy efficient through smarter building envelope design from Atlas, but the company’s LTTR Calculator website application at makes this easier to determine earlier in a project’s design phases.

The LTTR Calculator user simply selects the components of the roofing system’s design and then the selected roofing insulation package can be assessed for its potential for exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1 benchmark.

To gain an additional LEED point in the Regional Environmental Priorities category, the project team has to exceed the energy efficiency targets established in LEED 2009 Energy And Atmosphere Credit 1, Optimized Energy Performance by 30% for new construction and 26% for an existing building.

In addition, projects designed with all of Atlas Roofing’s ACFoam polyiso family of insulation products can contribute to meeting the requirements in LEED Materials and Resources (MR) Credits including: Construction Waste Management: ME Credit 2; Materials Reuse: MR Credit 3; Materials Recycled Content, MR Credit 4; Regional Materials, MR Credit 5; Rapidly Renewable Materials: MR Credit 6; and Certified Wood: MR Credit 7.

The USGBC has determined energy efficiency as a high priority in virtually every region of the country. This means the potential for additional LEED points are possible with an energy efficient building envelope from Atlas Roofing.

Visit Atlas’ LTTR Calculator at to begin designing with polyiso insulation roofing systems, and look for further information on all of Atlas’ product contributions to LEED projects and other sustainability initiatives by Atlas.