FSC Chain of Custody Certification Enhances Atlas Nailable Polyiso Versatility

January 17th, 2012

Since Atlas Roofing® Corporation is known for their innovative use of technology and chemistry in roofing products and building materials as well as their proactivity and high product standards related to environmental responsibility, it’s not surprising to find the FSC Chain of Custody Certification label of the company web site (http://www.atlasroofing.com/general2.php?section_url=50).

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international standards organization developed to champion best practices in forest stewardship and management around the globe. An FSC certified forest is defined as a “well-managed” forest, one of the key factors being that it doesn’t harvest more resources than it produces. Additionally these well-managed forest materials can be partially or completely recycled from post-consumer or post-industrial use wood, also sourced in this type of Forest.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a third party auditing company which audits and certifies products to ensure they achieve the FSC standards they claim. Atlas nailable polyiso products are available with FSC® Certified components upon request at any of our polyiso manufacturing facilities. Click here to view our FSC Certificate.

For Atlas, FSC Chain of Custody Certification adds credibility to the quality of Atlas‘ roofing products. The fact that Atlas monitors their procurement related to manufacture of their nailable polyiso products is validation of their continued commitment to using the best available materials as well as using them responsibly.

The FSC Chain of Custody Certification is also a valuable contribution Atlas makes to the global community. As a leading industrial manufacturer of polyiso roofing materials, Atlas is looked to for leadership in the business and construction communities, and as a responsible corporate citizen. Participation in a focused program centered around forest stewardship in the manufacture of nailable polyiso materials is one way Atlas helps ensure a business and environmental climate which can be sustained into future years.

Finally, the FSC Certification provides options for the users of Atlas Roofing products. Architects, construction specifiers, and building owners are under pressure from federal, state and local authorities to demonstrate performance and responsibility in building construction. Many companies are also trying to achieve LEED certification credits. Using Atlas nailable roofing insulation components enables LEED credits in the Materials & Resources categories based on materials content, reuse, manufacturing location and waste management.