Introducing High Performance (HP) Shingle Technology That’s Hard To Miss

June 12th, 2013

Atlanta, Ga. - Product innovation continues to be the theme at Atlas Roofing Corp. as they introduce a key addition to their architectural shingle line-up. Their “Built with HP Technology” stamp on Pinnacle Pristine, StormMaster Slate, and StormMaster Shake shingles means several new, uniquely distinguished features that directly benefit roofing contractors. Features that are literally hard to miss.

1.) It Stands Out

Oversized dimensions means fewer shingles to install which translates into faster installation and less labor. An increased exposure makes for easier measurement, installation and stunning curb appeal.

2.) It Gives You A Big Target

A 1-1/4” wide nailing area gives roofers the best chance of ensuring that both layers of shingles are accurately and securely fastened. We call this area ‘The Sweet Spot’, but contractors just call it ‘sweet’. In addition, the Sweet Spot gives you twice the HP Technology by including two FASTAC® sealant lines that adhere quickly and ensure a strong, long-lasting seal.

3.) Fewer Chances To Miss

HP Technology even provides shingles with a 130 MPH rated high wind warranty while still following a standard four-nail application. That’s a third less nails required for every roof!

Atlas developed HP Technology with the roofing contractor in mind. HP Technology saves the contractor time, labor, materials, and money through increased performance—without sacrificing quality.

Atlas believes HP Technology is the future of residential shingles. So much so that they’re setting a new standard by featuring it in their entire line of architectural shingles.

Want to learn more about HP Technology? Visit and see for yourself why Atlas’s HP Technology is so hard to miss.