Product Name Change: StormMaster LM is now StormMaster Shake

June 13th, 2011

Product Name Change Announcement

Atlas announces that the StormMaster LM SBS modified asphalt shingle product will now be called StormMaster Shake.

Atlas is changing the name of this shingle to reflect the aesthetically pleasing traditional wood shake look of the product. This name change brings brand clarification for the homeowner as to the different shingle styles available in the StormMaster family of products.

The StormMaster family of SBS shingle products also includes StormMaster Slate, another SBS modified shingle with a traditional slate look. With this name change, the homeowner simply needs to choose either the wood shake look or the slate look to get the last true upgrade for asphalt shingles, SBS.

As part of the name change, StormMaster Shake will also now contain Scotchgard Protector from 3M as a standard feature to fully prevent the ugly staining and streaking of algae growth on the roof. The StormMaster Shake product will still be manufactured with premium SBS asphalt for superior Class 4 impact resistance, meeting the highest performance characteristics of UL 2218. Many insurance companies offer deep discounts for installing Class 4 Impact resistance rated shingles.
StormMaster Shake carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects and up to a 20 year Premium Protection Period Peace of Mind when installed in an Atlas Signature Select Roofing System.

The StormMaster Shake product has been designed to emulate the wood shake appearance, while retaining the benefits of an asphalt shingle.  It comes in an extensive color palette to match any aesthetic requirement. With Impact Resistance, wood shake aesthetics, an unmatched warranty, and now the algae protection of Scotchgard Protector, StormMaster Shake is the product of choice for those seeking a premium product at an affordable price!

Existing inventory of StormMaster LM will be depleted during the month of June and orders for StormMaster Shake featuring Scotchgard Protector will be taken starting July 5th. For specific product availability or answers to additional questions, please contact a local Atlas Sales Representative or visit