The Time Is Now For Atlas Wall CI Boards

June 27th, 2013

Atlanta, Ga. - Atlas has known for some time that continuous insulation is a very effective way to insulate building envelopes for energy savings. Modern building codes are finally catching on and putting this knowledge into action. Atlas Wall is responding strategically by expanding their line of Atlas Wall CI Boards and increasing efforts to provide the industry with more advanced energy-efficient building materials.

Currently, seven of the eight U.S. climate zones prescriptively list the commercial use of continuous insulation (ci) per ASHRAE 90.1-2010.

Architects and building owners will increasingly use continuous insulation to achieve high-performance wall assemblies and meet the energy code R-Value prescriptive requirement. Atlas can meet an extensive variety of application needs with its versatile line of wall insulation products.

Tom Rowe, Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing at Atlas, recognizes the growing demand of their Wall CI Board product line. “We’re extremely optimistic since the industry is moving even closer towards energy-efficiency and conservation. In anticipation of these developments, we have been adding members to our team roster to further support our growing business efforts in continuous insulation,” Rowe points out.

Atlas Wall provides four code-compliant exterior insulation options to accommodate both residential and commercial construction:

Not all continuous insulation materials are equal. That’s why Atlas Wall CI Boards have a polyiso insulation core, which has the highest R-value rating of common rigid insulation. The closed-cell polyiso core is laminated between specially designed facers, which vary depending on the type of construction intended.

EnergyShield PRO is a Class A fire rated closed cell polyiso foam core board laminated between Class A durable aluminum facers. EnergyShield PRO is ASTM C1289 Type I Class 1, combining rigid insulation board, high R-value, and water resistive barrier attributes with an acrylic coated front facer and reflective facer on back.

EnergyShield PRO2 is Class A fire rated ASTM C1289 Type I, Class 2 board, which adds a glass reinforced polyiso foam core to the features of EnergyShield PRO.

EnergyShield is ASTM C1289 Type I Class 1 closed cell polyiso foam core sheathing board for use in Type V construction. It is laminated between two foil facers, reflective on one side and non-reflective on the other.

Also for use in Type V construction, Rboard is a Type II Class 2 ASTM C1289 closed cell polyiso foam core rigid insulation board with two non-reflective coated glass-mat facers.

“Our line of CI Boards provide high performance and multi-functionality that moves beyond initial design and takes into account the complete building life-cycle,” Rowe adds.

Commercial use for Atlas Wall CI Board include ci applications requiring water resistive barrier, air barrier, vapor barrier, or radiant barrier.