Use Pre-Cuts for Efficiency and Performance in Tapered Polyiso System

September 11th, 2012

Installation cost, quality of materials, performance, longevity and maintenance requirements are among the factors for important consideration in commercial roof design. For low-sloped roofing, there is probably no more critical factor, which affects the performance and maintenance of a roof than drainage. Besides R-value and air-tightness; in changing weather conditions, the way a commercial roof moves water will be one of the singular factors in determining its life-cycle as well as the scope of maintenance and repair during its service.

Since roof drainage optimization begins with design, the tapered design phase of commercial roofing becomes a key factor. Some roofing materials manufacturers and dealers provide in-house tapered system design teams which provide technical assistance to architects and specifiers as well as estimating capabilities for building owners, maintenance providers and contractors for new roof construction and low slope retrofits.

The Atlas Roofing® Corporation tapered services group located in Atlanta, reaches out to commercial roofing professionals throughout North America to assist with tapered design and create high performance commercial roof systems.

Roof drainage begins with engineered materials

There are ample polyiso insulation products from manufacturers, which can be incorporated into tapered system designs. Polyiso tapered boards are available in a variety of tapers, thicknesses and facers. Tapered design teams can assist in integrating these systems with pre-cut components, which optimize drainage. Pre-cut polyiso tapered roof components such as the Gemini™ product line from Atlas Roofing are ideal for maximizing commercial roof installation and performance.

Gemini™ Pre-cut Crickets from Atlas were the industry’s first off-the shelf cricket system for moving ponded water. These systems lend themselves to reduced labor intensity and job site waste. The fast, user-friendly installation and easy integration with pre-cut panels are attractive for install crews. But the durability and consistent design make them ideal for long-term roof performance.

One-piece Gemini™ Drain Sets are a pre-manufactured solution to ponding water around the drain area. By installing the Gemini 4’x4’ sloped polyiso drain set integrated with tapered roof design components, water runs to the drain consistently. Rooftop waste is eliminated on the job site and labor costs are reduced. Additionally there are no ice and debris problems to deal with where water has been left standing.

Atlas Roofing also created Gemini™ One-Piece Miters, which fit with standard 4’x4’ tapered insulation panels. These stand-alone hips and valleys enable installers to eliminate fabrication in the field, reduce waste and shorten install times. The versatility of one-piece miters creates optimum water to flow to drainage areas.

When a zero edge solution is required for positive water flow and drainage, Gemini™ tapered edge strips are unique solutions in the industry. These pre-cut polyiso strips are made with durable facers for dimensional stability to provide a consistent transition from the tapered edge to the roof surface.

Using engineered components creates economies in the tapered roof design process. Tapered Polyiso pre-cuts are an ideal solution for maintaining required R-value standards for building code compliance on single ply, modified bituminous or BUR commercial roof systems, while allowing for an efficient install and long-term roof performance.