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A Roofer’s Guide to Atlas Pro™ Plus

April 21st, 2016
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Finally, hard work pays off.

The newly revised Atlas Pro™ Plus program makes it easier than ever for contractors to earn rewards for the thousands of Atlas shingles laid and nails driven throughout the year.

By enrolling in the Atlas Pro™ Plus program, every installation of a Signature Select® Roofing System or Atlas shingle squares moves you one step closer to a FREE iPad, Drone or Tundra Cooler, as well as a variety other cool prizes and business building tools. There are so many great benefits, it pays to enroll in the Atlas Pro™ Plus program.

How It Works

To get started, first register on the Atlas Pro website, which is absolutely FREE and easy to do. After you register and log into your Atlas Pro control panel, submit your completed jobs and the corresponding warranties, via the “Manage Jobs” form. Once approved, your account will be updated to reflect your total number of Atlas shingle squares and Signature Select® Roofing System installations. You will always know exactly how many installations you have completed, and how many more you need to reach the next reward level.

Atlas Pro™ Plus Rewards

Annual achievements are split into three distinct levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). To make sure more contractors are able to take advantage of all the great rewards, the number of squares needed to reach entry level (Silver) has now been cut in half.

By obtaining a Silver Level status you will be rewarded with a variety of great prizes from EagleView credits to co-op collateral and more. More importantly, it places you just one step away from a Gold Level status. As you progress to the Gold and Platinum levels, the rewards keep getting better and better. From coolers and Visa gift cards to Droids and iPads, the harder you work the faster you will move up within the rewards program. So take advantage of your hard work by reaping all of the rewards from the Atlas Pro™ Plus rewards program. To view a complete list of rewards, and additional information about the Atlas Pro™ Plus rewards program, please visit

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