Atlas Pristine Pearl: Shingles That Reflect Well On A House

October 6th, 2015

Homeowners generally want the best for their homes. Roofing contractors know that for homeowners, the word “best” means quality and value aesthetics, but also means environmentally responsible, from the roof to the foundation.

The Pinnacle® Pristine Pearl by Atlas Roofing is more than just another shingle color. This high performance architectural shingle is “cool” in all the right ways.

An Energy Saving Shingle

When introduced in 2013, Pinnacle® Pristine Pearl set the standard as the first white laminate shingle to be 25% solar reflective. White, copper-fortified granules on each shingle meet the Solar Reflectance Index minimum rating (SRI.25) and provide excellent solar reflectance. When more solar rays are deflected by the shingle, Less heat is transferred into the home, leading to lower energy costs.

Shingles are vulnerable to losing their color to the ravages of algae, which causes unsightly black streaks to ruin a roof’s appearance. In addition to its reflective color, Pinnacle Pristine Pearl was developed to meet roofing customer demands in the algae "danger zone." Anywhere there is significant humidity, roof algae spores are very likely to be present. In fact, more than 80 percent of the U.S. is prone to algae streaking on roofs.

However, Pristine Pearl shingles are manufactured with Scotchgard™ Protector that helps a roof maintain its aesthetic appearance by resisting the black streaks caused by algae, enhancing the home’s overall visual appeal. Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine Pearl shingles are guaranteed to resist algae stains, and its reflective color will last for the life of the roof. Atlas Roofing warrants this premier architectural laminate shingle with a Lifetime Limited Warranty against algae stains. With Pinnacle Pristine Pearl, the heat leaves but the color stays. That is a major selling point for a roofing contractor.

High Performance Features

In addition to its reflective capability and resistance to algae, Pinnacle® Pristine Pearl is built with HP Technology that offers homeowners the best in protection. With a 130 mph Limited Wind Warranty, Pristine Pearl provides superior resistance against wind and wind-driven rain. This is because these larger-sized shingles have the FASTAC® double sealant lines and a true 1 and 1⁄4" sweet spot nailing area.

Pinnacle® Pristine Pearl by Atlas Roofing combines the energy-efficiency of a cool shingle and a Lifetime Warranty against the unsightly effects of algae. The power of Scotchgard™ Protector means these Pearl color shingles can be enjoyed for their beauty as well as their solar reflectivity, for the life of the roof. Contractors, your customers will think that’s cool.