Don't Just Imagine Your Next Roof. Picture It—With the Select Your Roof Website and App

January 19th, 2015

Deciding what style and color shingles to crown your home with is a big decision. After all, installing a new roof is a considerable investment, one that you'll see and live with daily for decades to come. However, choosing the right shingle that will complement your home's style and add curb appeal can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from in terms of shape and style, along with a variety of colors and finishes—all of which can make a homeowner feel a bit overwhelmed.

Atlas Roofing has come up with the perfect solution to this dilemma—The Select Your Roof website and app. With the Select Your Roof website, you can select and view as many different combinations of shingles as you want. This free online tool helps homeowners’ research and evaluate roofing shingles, and then connects you with local roofing contractors in your area. Use it to choose from the full Atlas Roofing shingle product line, available in a multitude of colors and styles.

Using Select Your Roof online is easy. Just access the site and follow the easy, three step process, as it guides you through the options available. Use it to learn the aesthetic differences between slate shingles, shake shingles, and 3-tab shingles. You'll see how dimensional shingles can add a look of depth, while classic 3-tab asphalt shingles can offer a simple yet structured look. You'll also be able to peruse the myriad hues available within each category, so you can envision how the various colors can complement your home's exterior. You'll even discover which Atlas shingles provide protection from ugly, discoloring algae by incorporating Scotchgard™ Protector.

While the Select Your Roof site is a great start, be sure to take you search for the perfect shingle even further with the Select Your Roof app for the iPad. Available free from Apple's App Store, this must-have tool helps you see how different shingle styles and colors will look on your own home.

The two-component app is easy to use. First, you get the Shingle Visualizer, which allows you to choose from Spanish, Colonial, Cape Cod, and various other classic housing styles. Next, you can select from an array of Atlas shingle styles and shingle colors. The Shingle Visualizer allows homeowners to mix and match as much as they want to find that ideal combination.

The second component of the Select Your Roof app is My Roof Color Gauge. This offers the same features of the Shingle Visualizer but with a great additional benefit: You can use pictures of your own home—taken with your iPad—instead of the pre-selected home styles. This means you can "try on" different roofing styles to see which shingle styles and shades will look great on your home…and which you'd be better off avoiding. You also can utilize the app's handy Pristine Effect function. This eye-opening feature allows homeowners to see simulated algae growth on shingles that don't feature Scotchgard™ Protector over time. Algae is a problem in many areas, so use this feature to see just how ugly and discoloring algae growth can become.

Both the Select Your Roof website tool and the Select Your Roof app are free to download and use. Best of all, as an added convenience, both tools also feature simple ways to connect with local roofing contractors who can help you finalize your decision and professionally install your new roof.

Time to start clicking and swiping your way to a fantastic-looking and performing roofing system that will make your home the standout of the block—with Atlas' Select Your Roof website and app!