EnergyShield® Products Pass ASTM E-2357 / CAN/ULC S742

November 18th, 2014

ATLANTA — Atlas Wall CI, a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, proudly announces an exterior wall assembly comprised of EnergyShield® and seam & flashing tapes has successfully passed the ASTM E-2357 assembly air barrier test. ASTM E-2357 is the standard testing method for determining air leakage in air barrier wall assemblies. CAN/ULC S742 is a similar test for approvals in Canada, and includes emphasis on proving performance when temperatures are very low.

The ASTM E-2357 & S742 test methods simulate real world experience, and put EnergyShield® through a number of positive and negative pressure cycles to simulate wind, stack effect, and mechanical effects (pressurizing or depressurizing). The end result of this test measures structure strength, continuity, and durability of the assembly.

Architects, contractors, building owners, and homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their building enclosure is constructed to minimize water vapor infiltration or exfiltration through air flow through their exterior walls. In addition to increasing wall thermal efficiency, an effective air barrier can minimize moisture infiltration and thereby reduce the chances for mildew and water damage on exterior wall components. This will also help inhibit pollutants from entering the structure from the outside.

Atlas has always taken pride in offering the best products in the continuous wall insulation industry. Their lineup is stronger than ever as shown by successfully passing these air barrier assembly tests.

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