If Good Is Good, Is Cheaper Worse?

September 24th, 2014

Perhaps it’s a reaction to the Great Recession. Perhaps it is just the only budget decision possible. Regardless of the reason, many today tend to choose a lower priced product when making most purchases. Sometimes that decision works out well, and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Is it worth paying a premium price or can a lower cost product still fit your needs? Cheaper doesn’t always have to mean substandard. Rather than base a decision on cost alone, create a list of the most needed factors the product must have. Spend time to take a good look at what you will get for your money and the best decision will become evident. As an example, consider the purchase of roofing shingles.

Low And High, But Never Cheap

A lower cost shingle may suit the needs and budget of a homeowner. A higher end shingle may cost more upfront, but cost less over time because it has special features and extended warranties. Atlas Roofing manufactures asphalt shingles with varying levels of features and warranties. However, all of their shingles are manufactured to high standards, perform well over time, and provide value to a homeowner. The differences are usually product composition and warranty.

The GlassMaster® fiberglass 3-tab shingle is the value-priced product offered by Atlas, yet it is not an inferior shingle. It offers high performance, value, and lasting durability. GlassMaster® roofing shingles have a traditional look and are available in a wide selection of designer colors. With a 30-year Limited Warranty against defects and a 60 mph Limited Wind Warranty, this algae resistant shingle is a sensible choice for value in a traditional 3-tab shingle.

The next level of shingle made by Atlas is the Pinnacle® Pristine. No other shingle on the market offers greater algae resistance than Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine with Scotchgard™ Protector. With this shingle, the roof color you choose will be the color you keep for up to 20 years.

The premier Atlas shingles are the StormMaster® Slate and StormMaster® Shake lines. They have Scotchgard™ Protector but are also warranted against winds up to 130 mph and against defects with an exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty. These architectural shingle lines have a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating that protects them from damage by hailstones up to two inches in diameter. Their large size gives a roof a distinct designer look and is available in a wide selection of designer colors.

Get What You Need

A new roof is a very serious investment in your home. Many factors must be considered before making a decision on which roof system components to buy. Cost should not be the only deciding reason. How long do you plan to stay in the house? What type of weather is prevalent in the region of your home? Would a three-tab or an architectural shingle look better on your house?

These questions and more should be part of the decision-making process. But if you simply go for the absolute lowest cost shingle on the market, you may very well end up with an inferior roof. Take your first step in the process by visiting http://www.selectyourroof.com.