Introducing ThermalStar GX Series

Atlas EPS rebrands and redesigns GPS products

August 1st, 2016

BYRON CENTER, MI (August 2016)— Atlas EPS, a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, is proud to unveil the recently rebranded and redesigned product line and icons for their graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene (GPS) products. This rebranding reflects the evolution of ThermalStar, the construction line of products, which has been a growing segment of Atlas EPS for over 10 years.

Formerly known as ThermalStar Chrome, ThermalStar GX Series is built on newer technology and will showcase new R5 per inch products, providing a superior alternative to XPS for below grade and various wall applications. The combination of EPSx® Technology and special graphite additive enhances the insulating performance of conventional polystyrene without the use of blowing agents. The nano-sized graphite particles act as radiant energy absorbers and reflectors to reduce the heat transfer caused by radiation. GX Series products are easily identified as much darker than previous Chrome products.

Read more about the ThermalStar GX Series at: ThermalStar GX Series Product Information

About Atlas EPS

Atlas EPS, a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative, high-quality, HFC- and HCFC-free EPS insulation for construction, packaging and OEM products. Headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan, Atlas EPS maintains four locations in North America. The molding facility in Michigan is the largest EPS manufacturing plant in the industry. 

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