Need Your Roof Inspected? Leave It to the Pros

October 14th, 2014

Early detection is key not only for one’s physical health but the health of a home’s roof, too.

With the cooler months quickly approaching, experts say it’s an ideal time to check your home’s primary covering to make sure everything is functioning properly. Ditto for the springtime. Don’t do it yourself, however; leave it up to a professional roofing contractor.

A Checkup From the Gutter Up

A roof can last for decades if properly installed using quality roofing materials. Yet small problems can quickly become big, expensive, ones if not caught in time. After all, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the old adage.

“A checkup on your roof system … will help diagnose potential problems,” the National Roofing Contractors Association writes on its website. “NRCA recommends you hire a professional roofing contractor to assist you with checking your roof.”

Here is a checklist of things the contractor should look for:

  • Is the flashing and other material around the chimney and pipes still secure?
  • Are there shingles that are loose, missing, misshapen, torn, or otherwise defective?
  • Is there moss or other biological growth that could retain water and lead to damage?
  • Check gutters for large amounts of roofing granules.
  • Are there water stains on the ceiling inside the home?
  • Is there anything else that seems a cause for concern?

Know Your Contractor

Don’t just allow any contractor on your roof, however. A roof is a vital component of your home. It is important that the proper professional be overhead. According to the NRCA and other sources, here are some key things to consider when choosing a contractor.

Licensed and Local. Check to see if the company has a business and professional license (if the latter is required by state law). Area businesses may offer prompter service.

Proof of Insurance, Please. Only consider a company that has liability insurance and workers’ compensation policy. Should there be an accident, you — as the homeowner — could be held liable. Don’t take chances!

References and Reputation. Check to see if the company has any complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau. Also, ask for references.

This fall, ask yourself how long it’s been since your last roofing inspection. Getting a contractor to inspect your roof is a proactive measure. Catching a problem early can be the difference between a small roofing repair bill and a big one.