Peel & Stick Underlayment for Tile Roofs

August 11th, 2015

Many homeowners spend hours selecting their roof shingles based on the roof’s appearance only. They devote so much time to material, color, and price point with the hope of creating a finished product that increases their home’s curb appeal. But if the work begins and ends only with the products that neighbors can see, then the work is incomplete.

What sits beneath a tile roof is of equal importance to the finished product on display for the neighbors. If a tile is a broken, cracked, or missing, the roof will need a weather and moisture barrier to keep it protected. Safeguard the home with peel and stick underlayment — the perfect solution, come rain or shine.

The Second Line of Defense

Roof underlayment is temporary weather protection and a second line of defense for a home. Before the tile is installed, a roof needs to be safeguarded to protect against exposure to the elements. Peel and stick underlayment is typically easy to install and should not need any additional adhesives to be laid down. The non-slip surface also keeps contractors safe and free to move about as they work. Homeowners don’t typically think about this when selecting a roof, but should be aware for a better understanding of their purchase.

Once the tile is down, the peel and stick underlayment underneath continues to protect the home It acts as a secondary weatherproofing barrier to prevent moisture, or in worst-case scenario rain, from penetrating cracked or misplaced tiles. It is an extra layer of protection that will ensure that a home and its belongings stay dry.

Protection from UV Rays

Another important feature of a good peel and stick underlayment is ultraviolet (UV) protection. The sun’s heat can damage lower quality underlayment, starting with the adhesive bond, resulting in cracking and leaving a roof exposed.

With the help of a great peel and stick underlayment, tile roofs can fully protect the home. Homeowners can feel secure knowing this extra layer of protection gives a home a great chance of avoiding any moisture or water penetration and help preserve the life of the tile roof.

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