Protect The Top With Summit 60®

September 21st, 2015

Atlas Roofing, one of the world’s largest producers of felt underlayment, produces a lightweight, synthetic alternative to organic felt known as Summit® 60. This underlayment, manufactured from extremely strong woven polypropylene fabric, offers advanced benefits not available with traditional felt.

60-Day Exposure

Summit® 60 Synthetic Underlayment, which has high temperature stability and offers far greater resistance to UV breakdown than felt, has the durability needed for jobs that have a long open time from the dry-in to the completed roof covering. On certain steep-slope roof projects, underlayment can sometimes face such exposure for up to 60 days. For these roofing projects, underlayment must be able to maintain its reliability; Summit 60 meets these demands.

Improved Installation Factors

Roofing crews will appreciate that Summit® 60 has a textured wrinkle-free top surface fabric and a slip resistant polymer coating applied to its bottom surface, for safer walkability during installation. This slip resistant polymer provides improved grip for reduced slippage between the underlayment and the roof sheathing.

Installation is easier because Summit® 60 is manufactured with pre-printed lay lines. This water-resistant underlayment is packaged in 10 square rolls, each weighing less than 30 pounds. It provides more coverage per roll than traditional felt.

Summit® 60 Synthetic Underlayment can be mechanically fastened to many different types of substrate, making it a solid underlayment choice for both new and re-roofing applications. This excellent synthetic product can be used with asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, slate, and wood shakes, or any other code-approved steep slope roof covering.

Rating A Quality Underlayment

Summit® 60 underlayment has earned ASTM D6757, the inorganic shingle underlayment rating standard. Its performance exceeds ASTM D226 Type I and Type II, the standard specification for asphalt saturated felt and it is UL Classified as demonstrating conformance to critical fire testing requirements for a prepared roofing accessory. It also received FL 16226, the Florida Building Code approval.

Designed to enhance the life of a roof, Summit® 60 qualifies as an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System component. Atlas Signature Select® Roofing Systems are offered at three system levels allowing contractors to target all market segments.

When faced with a roofing job that could involve up to 60 days between laying the first substrate and installation of the final roof covering, Summit® 60 should be the specified underlayment. Contractors will find that Summit® 60 is an excellent underlayment for multiple types of roofing applications. To learn more about this synthetic underlayment, visit the Summit® 60 page on the Atlas Roofing website today.