Redefining Curb Appeal With Shingles Built With HP Technology

October 26th, 2015

When thinking of a home’s exterior, curb appeal is often a homeowner’s primary concern. Is the grass green enough? Does the color of the shutters match the color of the house? Is the sidewalk clean and is the house properly detailed with exterior lighting? Homeowners often don’t raise their eyes above the landscaping; yet, a beautiful roof is just as important as a bed full of flowers or a properly trimmed row of hedges. A roof can easily cover over half of a home’s visible exterior — so settling for just any style of roofing shingle is not an option. For the best bet in long-term curb appeal, ask for shingles built with HP Technology from Atlas Roofing.

Less Is More

Shingles with HP Technology offer a new twist to a homeowner’s traditional view of curb appeal. They can spend hour-after-hour flipping through color schemes searching for the perfect look. But picking the color is only part of the equation. Nothing helps shingle color pop more than the large shingle exposure that comes standard with HP Technology. The old saying, “less is more” definitely rings true as the homeowner gets less shingle interruption and more surface coverage thanks to a larger shingle size. With this feature, the shingle color of choice is able to create a stunning curb appeal that simply cannot be reproduced with smaller shingles.

Strength Is Beauty

Installing a beautiful roof is one thing, but keeping it long-term is another. A home can be covered in the world’s most beautifully designed shingle, but if the shingle can be found on the lawn just as easily as it can be spotted on the roof, it is worthless at both curb appeal and protecting the home. Atlas shingles with HP Technology give homeowners peace of mind as they feature up to 130 mph wind speed coverage using a standard nailing application. This means no extra nails, glues or any additional adhesives are needed to keep roofing shingles in place. So that beautiful and effective shingle will remain exactly where it belongs — the roof! Backed by one of the highest wind warranties available, Atlas shingles with HP Technology are as reliable as they are visually appealing.

Shingles Built with HP Technology

Atlas Roofing proudly offers a wide range of style and color options that feature HP Technology: StormMaster® Slate featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, StormMaster® Shake featuring Scotchgard™ Protector and Pinnacle® Pristine featuring Scotchgard™ Protector. For more information on the benefits of HP Technology, view this video breakdown featuring real local contractors, or contact a regional Atlas sales rep today.