Shingle Visualizer Helps Homes Try On Shingles

September 4th, 2014

When you think of products that you try on before you buy them, suits and shoes might come to mind. Certainly not roofing shingles, however. Yet Atlas Roofing has made it possible to do the latter thanks to some innovative technology.

Atlas Roofing’s virtual Shingle Visualizer is a consumer-friendly online tool and iPad app that takes the guesswork out of determining which shingle style and color combination best complements the façade of your home.

Picture This!

The Shingle Visualizer starts by allowing users to select Spanish, Ranch, Cape Cod, or various other housing styles to use within the online tool. (The app offers the additional benefit of taking a picture of your own home for visualization purposes.) Then it’s on to shingle style. There’s slate, with its elegant clipped corners; two options for shake, often called laminate or architectural shingles; and traditional three-tab shingles to compare.

Finally, users choose a designer color from a broad palette. Don’t like dove gray shingles? Try oyster shell or perhaps black shadow. Atlas Roofing’s Shingle Visualizer gives users the control to compare all of Atlas’ shingle lines and shades as many times as they wish. It’s a tool of convenience, and can provide both comfort and confidence for those looking to purchase new shingles. Heck, it’s even kind of fun, too.

Visible Performance

Shingle Visualizer shows the benefits of using Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, which inhibit the growth of roof algae. Using a side-by-side comparison with typical algae-resistant shingles, the infestation of dark streaks and stains grows progressively worse over time — but only on the non-Atlas side. This effect is aptly named the “Pristine Effect.”

Why so effective? Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector make use of copper granules to repel spores. While competitors use 2-4 percent copper coverage on their shingles, Atlas uses an impressive 10 percent coverage that is evenly distributed.

The Shingle Visualizer also lets consumers know about all components of the Atlas Signature Select Roofing System™, which are specifically designed to work together for maximum performance.

App Offers More Accurate Idea of Outcome

The Shingle Visualizer is not only online but offered as part of the free Atlas Select Your Roof iPad app. The app, available on Apple’s App Store, has the added benefit of the My Roof Color Gauge component, a more specific way to try out shingle colors and styles for your facade. Just open the app, snap a picture of your home and then swipe with your fingers to change colors.

Shingles Matter

Not only does a roof make your home look good, but it adds value, too. According to Remodeling Magazine, re-roofing a home in the U.S. brings an average 67.6 percent return on investment.

Roofing shingles are often out of sight to home occupants, but should never be out of mind. Their impact on curb appeal is indisputable. Next time you are driving up to your home, notice how much of the roof is actually visible. It likely will be more than you may have previously thought. So be sure to select a shingle style and color that enhances the very structure it tops.