The Benefits of the Atlas PRO Contractor Program

January 27th, 2015

Power on your iPad and get ready to become connected to a whole new way of doing business thanks to the free Atlas PRO Contractor Program. As you make your way over to for a quick registration, you will be exposed to ease and convenience like you’ve never seen before. As an Atlas PRO Contractor Program member, you will now have access to over a dozen must have features that will have you wondering how you ever did business without it. Take a look at a few of the top benefits of the Atlas PRO Contractor Program.

Never Lose Another Lead

The days of scrambling for a client’s number, that you’re pretty sure you put in your briefcase … or maybe it was in the glove compartment … or maybe on the dash … or wherever you lost it, that’s all over. With the Project Creation and Lead Management feature, you can enter in your potential client’s information and have it instantly ready for access from both your iPad in the field and on your desktop at your office. Now you never have to worry about leaving money on the table again as you can now track your leads from prospect to project and finally, to completion. It’s the best way to stay organized with your projects — and it’s done with the simple swipe of your finger.

Seeing — is Buying

If “seeing is believing,” then believing is buying. This is why the Shingle Visualizer is a must for any roofing contractor. Powered straight from the Atlas PRO Contractor Program, the Shingle Visualizer makes selecting shingle styles and colors a breeze. Simply take a picture of your client’s home and then allow them to browse through the available styles and color … as it customizes their actual home. They get a realistic look of their home with their selection, giving them a sneak peak of the finished product before any work is begun. It’s the easiest way of going from selling the idea of new shingles, to actually selling new shingles.

Making a List. Checking it Twice.

Another benefit of the Atlas PRO Contractor Program is the Material List Generation and Distributor Locations features. This is another way to stay completely organized as you keep your business running smoothly. Through your project’s feature you can view all of the materials needed to complete the project, with all the needed details from taxes to your profit multiplier. You can then email a PDF copy to any member of your team for added ease of purchase.

With your product list generated all that’s left to do is place an order and pick it up. But then again you are out of town and have no idea where the closest distributor is located. No worries, the Atlas PRO Contractor Program has you covered. Simply click on the Locate a Distributor feature and it will provide you the name, website, and even directions to all of the Atlas distributors in the area.

One-Click Peace of Mind

With your Atlas PRO Contractor Program registration you can now submit product warranty with the ease of a simple click. You get an immediate status update, which quickly outdates the mail and wait process. You can go straight from your project list and hit submit to process your warranty submission in no time. Now your clients are covered without ever even pulling out a stamp to lick.

And these are only a few of the benefits of the amazing, and free, Atlas PRO Contractor Program. Other time-saving features include the storm tracker, exclusive access to Atlas marking tools, an online shop featuring brochures and support materials, Atlas rebates, quick surveys turned testimonials, and more. If you are looking for an easier way to do business, sign up for the free Atlas PRO Contractor Program and experience the ease of doing business as an Atlas Pro.