The Roof and Curb Appeal

October 16th, 2014

When homeowners think curb appeal, there are so many factors in play that one of the most important gems is often overlooked. They have primped every blade of grass, lit the walkway, painted the door and dusted off the shutters. All done, right? Wrong. That’s like going out for a night on the town and putting on your best heels, the slimmest dress, makeup is done and you completely leave your hair in a bird’s nest of a mess. You can’t dress your house up and then completely forget to style your roof. It’s the final accent piece that puts it all together. So if you are looking for curb appeal, you can’t complete the project without making it all about the roof.

‘Dress’ Your House to Impress

When talking about the aforementioned marriage between roof and curb appeal, you can’t neglect talking about the variety of shingle styles. Atlas® Roofing offers multiple styles to match any type of home.

Slate Style Shingles

Slate shingles are one of the most eye-appealing ways to go when it comes to covering your roof. There are two big drawbacks with using real slate: the up-front cost, and cost of repairs. But when it comes to Atlas® StormMaster® Slate shingles, you are in for a treat. Designed with a SBS polymer, StormMaster® Slate is both affordable and long lasting. It boasts a Class IV impact resistance rating, up to 130 mph limited wind warranty, and (maybe most importantly when it comes to looks) it is algae resistant thanks to Scotchgard™ Protector. So kiss those dreadful black smudges good-bye as you now have maximum algae resistance built into every roofing shingle. Which means not only will your roof look good on day one, but also its longevity will maintain your curb appeal for years to come.

Shake Style Shingles

Shake style shingles, also known as architectural or dimensional shingles, provide a third-dimensional appearance due to their overlapping of multiple layers. This style is one that can really help your home stand out as it has a distinguished look.

Shake style shingle also feature durability when it comes to wind, algae and impact, when you choose the StormMaster® Shake. Featuring their Scotchgard™ Protector, Atlas® shake style shingles carry a limited lifetime guarantee to fight off the nasty black algae streaks that plague many neighborhood homes. In addition to the resistance to the ugly algae, these class IV impact resistant and SBS polymer shingles will also protect against splitting, cracking, or warping as it fights off weather’s extreme conditions. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and durability. Another option is the Pinnacle® Pristine featuring Scotchgard™ Protector dimensional shingles. Here you will get oversized shingle dimensions, distinct shadow lines and random cuts to ensure that every pattern part fits seamlessly throughout the design. It’s the desired combination of elegance and toughness needed for stunning curb appeal.

3-Tab Shingles

Last but not least are the 3-tab shingles. If you are looking at 3-tab shingles then you will quickly discover the versatility that comes with this traditional style shingle. Both the GlassMaster® and the Tough-Glass® 3-tab asphalt roof shingles come with a 60 mph wind warranty. That means while other homes have their shingles in the yard, your shingles will remain in their noticeably appealing place. And when thinking of roof and curb appeal, the idea that you can find 3-tab shingles in virtually any color is the major plus as you can secure the perfect color compliment for the unique look of your home.

Styling and Profiling

Now that the three shingle styles have been established, the decision of which type fits best for your home is up to you. Style your home, as you feel fit, just as long as you don’t forget to style it all. Because after all is said and done, you can’t have curb appeal without dressing up the roof.