Three Must Have Apps For Contractors in a Digital Age

January 26th, 2015

A lot of things have changed since Atlas® Roofing Corporation first launched into the residential and commercial building materials three decades ago. And along the way Atlas has not only adapted to the industry changes throughout time, but they have always gone a step ahead to help lead these changes. Their reach has expanded further than just the unrolling of underlayment and they invite you to join them as they pave the way as your digital partner.

In a day and age where everything is expected to be at your fingertips, Atlas has launched into the digital world to do exactly that. Discover how easy business can be with the help of Atlas’ ProAPP™, the Select Your Roof Shingle Visualizer, and Atlas Docs™.

ProAPP™ for Roofing Contractors

“Your business is mobile. Your project management should be too.” This is not just a clever tagline, it’s a fact of business today. The ProAPP™ is the ultimate way to save time and money while at the same time helping you to juggle multiple projects. The tablet-based tool gives contractors the ability to provide fast estimation with the help of inserted product costs. Project listing and management is also a plus. You can manage the status of all your projects from the field via the app, while at the same time someone else monitors the entire company’s projects from the desk at their office. Taking notes, project photos, and your estimates are key features of the app. Other important features within the ProAPP™ include a one-click warranty submission, testimonials and social sharing, as well as access to the shingle visualizer.

Select Your Roof App

The Select Your Roof app is a shingle visualizer must for every contractor. While you can do your best to describe shingle styles and colors to a customer, there is no better way to close a sale then to give your potential client an actual visualization of what the selected style and color will really look like on their home. It’s an understanding that just won't come from seeing your portfolio of similar work or touching the shingle itself.

With the Select Your Roof app you can take a photo of your client’s house, select the desired shingle style, followed up by selecting the color, and present them with an accurate look of their home with the accompaniment of said selections. This will give them a great idea what the shingles will look like on their actual roof before a hammer ever hits a nail.

Atlas Docs™

The Atlas Docs™ is the one-stop shop for all knowledge-based inquiries for Atlas marketing and technical materials, manuals, images, brochures, videos, and web resources. Basically, it is the fastest way to get your hands on all possible information as it pertains to Atlas Roofing’s products. And since it’s based on WikiSTIK™ Mobile technology, this catalog of information is always up-to-date. So whether you want to view MSDS Sheets or download the latest product brochure, you are just a data or wifi connection away.

Atlas Roofing is constantly looking for ways to help improve the way you do business. It started with providing with the best available residential and commercial building materials, and it continues today with instant access to your digital tools. For additional information on all of the Atlas apps and how you can download them, visit