What to Consider When Considering a Roofing Contractor

August 14th, 2014

Hiring a roofing contractor is a big deal—plain and simple.

Your roof is the primary covering to your home; the place where your family lives, interacts, cooks and sleeps; the place that is the biggest investment of your life in all likelihood.

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Overhead, Out of Mind

Finding a trusted roofing contractor is not always easy, however. As a homeowner, you probably have not thought much about those roofing shingles and roofing underlayment until you needed to. So what are you to do if you need a new roof, a re-roofing job or a roof repair?

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a roofing contractor:

Find Out If They’re Official

First, look for contractors who are locally headquartered or have a local office. That will increase the chances they will get back to you sooner and perhaps offer better service. Then check to see that the company has a business and professional license (if the latter is required by state law).


How long have they been in business and do they have any complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau? Do they belong to a trade association? These things can help you determine whether the company is experienced and reputable.

Shopping Around

When looking for a contractor, be sure you are given ample time to have all of your questions answered. Think of it as if you were interviewing them. Also, be sure to get more than one estimate.


Only hire a company that has liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Ask to see proof of these two items. Both are vitally important should there be a roofing accident.

Previous Work

Check out samples of work the company has done in the past. Additionally, be sure to get references and then follow through by calling those references. Ask the references not only about the physical work but also about the contractor’s professionalism, customer service, and willingness to clarify information or correct problems that may have occurred.

Consider All of the Details

A proposal should contain descriptions of the work to be done, an estimated timeline, payment terms, workmanship warranty, and outlines of the different product options, among other things. This is more detailed than an estimate.

The Final Selection

Don’t only take price into consideration when choosing a contractor. Experience and professionalism are important, too. Make sure all of your questions are answered and that you understand the details of the work to be performed.

Choosing a roofing contractor is not as simple as choosing a new toothbrush. Taking steps to educate yourself about a potential contractor could mean the difference between becoming a happy customer and a regretful one.