100% Recycled Facers

Atlas WEBTECH® has multiple paper manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States to better service our customers. Our Sales and Technical Teams work hand in hand with our customers to provide value-added contract manufacturing solutions for various disciplines including roofing, flooring, insulation and more. Whether it is modifying the paper properties via chemical treatments, like sizing, or if it is through different fiber sources or through mechanical adjustments to our machines, WEBTECH can partner with you. WEBTECH manufactures 100% recycled paper for the Roofing, Packaging, Insulation, and Lamination Industries, just to name a few.

Products made from 100% Recycled Paper include:

Specialty Paper Coatings for the Construction Materials | Insulation Products

WEBTECH® GRF (Glass Reinforced Facer)

WEBTECH GRF is constructed of 100% recycled post consumer and post industrial fiber. It is chemically modified and bonded such that the resultant mat improves final product performance. While GRF is a well known component in construction materials, such as underlayments and rigid board insulation products, it can also provide numerous benefits to products outside of the construction arena.
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Specialty Paper Coatings Improve High Performance Substrates


WEBTECH® is constructed of post consumer recycle fiber modified with wood fibers to control absorption properties. This product enhances end product performance in a variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications. The WEBTECH DF is designed to reinforce and strengthen products used in everything from roofing underlayments to packaging.
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Contract Manufacturing Custom Solutions