Starter StripAtlas Pro-Cut® Shingle Starter Strips protect the roof edge and provide the hold-down features needed to provide high wind resistance at the critical roof areas of the eaves and rakes. Our starter strips for roofing also protects the roof by filling in the spaces under the cutouts or shingle edges for the first course of exposed shingles.

Key Properties

  • No need to cut tabs or invert shingles saving time and labor costs
  • Seal-down strip prevents wind uplift of shingles
  • Use with any type asphalt shingles
  • Required with Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System and High Wind Warranty Coverage
  • 10x increases ice dam protection safety factor and is ready to install from bundle


Starter strips for roofing are designed as a starter course before installing the first course of shingles. The Pro-Cut® Starter Strip is an easy, cost-saving alternative to the traditional method of cutting tabs from 3-tab shingles to form a starter course. The Pro-Cut® Starter Strip may also be used as a rake edge strip to prevent wind uplift of the field shingles. For more information on starter strips for roofing, contact your local Atlas agent today.

Technical Data: Atlas® Pro-Cut® Starter Strips

Product Exposure Limitations Dimensions Per Pkg
6X Up To 6" 7 1/2" H x 36" L nominal* 118 Linear Feet
8.5X Up To 8 1/2" 10 1/2" H x 22 11/16" L 79 Linear Feet
10X Up To 10" 12" H x 36" L 78 Linear Feet

NOTE: Product name indicates maximum shingle exposure for use with specified Atlas Pro-Cut® Starter Strip. (i.e. 6X available for use with maximum 6" shingle exposure)

* Nominal sizes may vary slightly, talk to an Atlas Rep for specific details.